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What is a Long Tail Keyword in SEO? – Use It to Get Ranked Better in Google!

What is a Long Tail Keyword in SEO

I see many people asking about the keywords and the one question that I found often is, “What is a Long Tail Keyword in SEO?”

This questions usually pops up when the SEO expert recommends using long tail keywords to get ranked in the search engines. Let me explain what it means.

Long Tail Keywords – Definition

In short, Long Tail Keyword is a keyword with a long tail (See What does keyword mean?)

That means the there are actually a lot of words in the keyword. Short tail keywords are short.

Let me give you three examples.

1.If your website is about the running shoes and you want to make a review of the Nike shoes.

Instead of just using “Nike running shoes” you can be more specific. A long tail keyword would be, for example, “The best Nike running shoes for men in 2016”.

2.Let’s take another example from the piano niche. You want to write an article about Yamaha’s piano.

Instead of just using, “Yamaha Piano Review” you may want to use “Is Yamaha YUS1 Piano Worth its price?”

3.Let’s say that you are teaching people how to make money online (as I am).

Instead of just using the short keyword, “Earn Money Online” you could use the long tail keyword, “Learn how to make money online writing blogs”.

Why Are Long Tail Keywords Important for SEO?

Using long tail keywords is definitely beneficial and I recommend to use them instead of the short ones.

I will give you three main reasons. I will be using the term Best Baseball Gloves for Boys aged 5 to 10 that one online marketer, Ram, used on his website to get very good rankings in Google (Read his article here).

1.You will be ranked for the several terms.

When Ram was using the long tail keyword Best Baseball Gloves for Boys aged 5 to 10 he was ranked at the same time for all of these terms:

  • Best Baseball Gloves for Boys aged 5 to 10
  • Best Baseball Gloves for Boys
  • Best Baseball Gloves for
  • Best Baseball Gloves
  • Baseball Gloves

Think how much better it was to use his long tail keyword instead of just something short.

Ram was ranking #1 with 4 different keywords by only writing one article!

2.The competition will be lower.

When your term is more specific not so many people are competing with you.

Less competition -> better rankings for you!

The competition for “Best Baseball Gloves for Boys aged 5 to 10” according to Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool is 1.

Meanwhile the competition for “Baseball Gloves” is 247.

Many people are talking about the “big” and general things but when you are more and more specific with your keywords there will be no competition and you will get the traffic easily.

3.The visitors will be more targeted.

When you are using long tail keywords you can literally choose the people who are coming to your website. They will be more targeted which will mean more profit.

The person who is searching “Best Baseball Gloves for Boys aged 5 to 10” is looking for something very specific. He/she is probably the little boy’s father, mother or coach who wants to find the best baseball gloves for his/her boy.

If your keyword would be only “Best Baseball Gloves” there may be people who are looking for the baseball gloves for girls, women and for the 50 years old men. So only a little part of that group is your target audience if you are selling the baseball gloves for young boys.

It’s good that also those people come to your website but if you can decide you want to get the most targeted people to your website.

They will more probably buy your products and you will earn revenue.

What is a Long Tail Keyword in SEO

Find the targeted visitors and earn more revenue

 Learn More about Keywords to Boost Your Online Income

Finding proper keywords plays very important role in the process of driving more traffic to your website. If you don’t get ranked in the search engines, you will miss a huge source.

But as you get ranked in the search engines the opportunities are limitless.

I wanted to share this knowledge about the long tail keywords because many beginners who are starting to earn money online don’t know this. I didn’t even know that I need to use long tail keywords when I was starting my Internet marketing career.

Long tail keywords are still only a little part of getting ranked in Google.

If you want to learn more on how to get the proper education in #1 online business university. I know many people who started in Wealthy Affiliate without the former knowledge and later started earning +$10,000/month income or even more.

So, the possibilities are really out there if you are willing to learn and use the knowledge in practice.

I hope that this article gave you the great answer for the question, “What is a Long Tail Keyword in SEO?”.

When you’re optimizing your website’s SEO and keywords, be sure to avoid keyword cannibalization. It means that you are targeting the same keyword with multiple pages and it creates a confusion on Google. Learn more in Matt Diggity’s article on cannibalization.

If you have any questions, leave them below and I will respond to you usually in less than 24 hours.

What are your favorite strategies to get ranked in the search engines?


What Does SERP Mean and How Can You Use it to Your Advantage?

what does SERP mean

You can use SERP to your advantage!

SERP, SEO, HTML, etc… All these abbreviations and interesting terms can be confusing for the new internet marketers. Today I am going to explain What Does SERP Mean?

Then I am going to help how you can benefit from SERP in your own keyword research.

(I have already made a post about SEO and keywords so you can become familiar with those terms if they are new for you.)

SERP – Definition

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page.

You search something in the search engine and click “search”. Then you receive a page and that is called SERP – Search Engine Results Page.

Let’s take an example.

I write “How to earn money with a blog?” and then I click search.

By the way, use “incognito”-window to get more accurate results for your searches.

I get the Search Engine Results Page where I see the results of my query. (see the image below)

what does SERP mean

Search Engine Results Page = SERP

Above, in the Search Engine Results Page, you see the results for your query.

If you have a business and you want to earn money from the Internet you very likely want to get ranked on the first page in Google. Using a little “SERP” -research can help you.

Using SERP to Your Advantage!

If you want to get ranked in Google you can use SERP to your advantage. Let me explain how.

First, when you make your keyword research, you find for the proper keyword. You want monthly searches in Google to be more than 50 and QSR less than 30 (less than 50 is also okay).

You find a good keyword which perfectly makes sense, QSR is less than 30 and monthly searches are less than 50. Should you use it right away? Yes, you can BUT there is one extra thing that you can do.

Search your keyword in Google and see the SERP!

When you are using the certain keyword, you are always competing with the other websites that are using the same keyword. Your goal is to outrank those websites and get ranked better.

But it’s quite challenging to outrank certain sites. Those are

  • Big e-commerce sites like Amazon, Ebay and others.
  • Big authority websites like Wikipedia
  • A lot of videos in SERP

If you search your keyword in Google and all the results on the first page are from Amazon, Ebay and Wikipedia I would suggest choosing another keyword. Of course, it’s possible to outrank some of these sites but very probably there are other keywords when it will be easier to get on the first page of Google.

So know you to avoid competing for too much again above-mentioned websites.

When you search your keyword from Google and you don’t see any big authority websites in SERP you can be happy to use the keyword. The competition is probably not so tough for that keyword.

Let’s Take an Example!

what does SERP mean

Search Engine Results Page = SERP

Above you can again see our search results for. “How to earn money with a blog”.

You can see four websites ranked in the top, Forbes.com, AmyLynnAndrews.com, TipsAndTricks-hq.com and ProBlogger.com.

Would it be possible to outrank those sites by using our keyword “How to earn money with a blog”? What do you think?

Yes, it is possible!

All of those websites are of course doing their work to stay on the top but I would say that it’s not a stupid idea to compete against those sites. Forbes is a “big dog” and it can be challenging to outrank but it is not impossible.

And 3 other sites that you can see there are not so huge sites even though the sites are from the experienced bloggers.

All in all, you could choose the keyword “How to earn money with a blog”. (if monthly searches and QSR are good)

Outrank Them All!

When you see Search Engine Results Page in Google you know which texts are ranking well on Google. You can use that information to your own advantage.

If you are, for example, writing about the topic “How to earn money with a blog” you can go through what all the other who are ranked on the first page in Google are writing.

Then you can use the same ideas and insights in your own texts!

Read top 5 texts from Google and combine the best ideas you found from them. Include the ideas in your own texts and you are well on your way to outrank all those other competitors.

Get Ranked on the First Page in Google!

Are you interested in getting your own websites to SERP (to the first page of Google)?

There is one shortcut called PPC to get ranked on the first page but it can be expensive marketing if you don’t know how to do it right.

The better way to get free traffic is to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and start getting ranked for free in the search engines.

I promise to give you 10 FREE video lessons and 1-on-1 mentoring getting started and start hitting good rankings in Google. Make your free account in Wealthy Affiliate to get started.

This guitarist was convinced that Wealthy Affiliate’s training works because he achieved the first ranking in Google. Read his article -> “This Really Works!


I hope this article helped you to understand what does SERP mean and how you can use it to your advantage.

Was the term “SERP” new for you?

If not, Are you using SERP in your own keyword research?


“How to Find Keywords for My Website?” – 5 Easy Steps.

How Do I Find Keywords for My Website

Learn 5 simple steps and become successful with the keywords.

Finding proper keywords is vital part of the successful online business. That’s why many people are asking, “How to find keywords for my website?”

I am going to explain the simple and effective process what I use myself in order to find powerful keywords to get ranked.

You can use the same process in your keyword research or you can just take some ideas from my process and apply them in your own work.

Step 1 – Login to Wealthy Affiliate

First of all, I log in to my account. If you don’t have your own account, you can create it for free.

Once I have logged in I can go straight to the keyword tool.

Step 2 – Go to the Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate, Keyword Tool.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot of useful tools including the keyword tool.

Their keyword tool shows the accurate traffic, competition and some other things related to the keywords. But I’m mostly interested in the traffic and the competition because they are two the most important factors in choosing the right keyword.

I click the keyword tool on the left menu and start searching.

Step 3 – Write the Possible Keywords

Then I usually have in mind what kind of subject you are going to write about. You can also use many kinds of techniques to get some inspiration for writing.

Write your possible keyword and BANG!

The keyword tool shows you if the keyword is good or not.

If the traffic is less than 50 searches per month, I recommend searching for the other keywords because most of the time you can find the better ones. If the traffic is too little you will hardly get any new visitors to your website.

I recommend you to find the keywords where the traffic is more than 50. But sometimes 30 or even 20 can be okay if the competition is very low.

Let’s take for example the keyword of this post. I planned to write something about the process how do I find keywords and teach you to do the same.

Step 4 – Choose the Best One

I found the keyword “How Do I Find Keywords for My Website”. That sounds logical so then I started to analyze the competition and the traffic.

How do I find keywords for my website

Check the competition. Click the results.

You can see in the picture that the keyword gets only 32 searches per month so I wasn’t very interested before I saw the competition.

Then I checked the competition and it showed the following:

Keyword competition only 15!

Keyword competition only 15!

When the traffic was 32 and the competition only 15 I decided to choose How Do I Find Keywords for My Website as a keyword of my post. It didn’t take a lot of time to find this one.


Then I decided to make the video of my keyword research and I found out the better keyword with 56 monthly searches and the competition only 10.

See the video below where I explain my keyword research and how I ended up changing the keyword of this post.

Here are 3 main principles to find the best keyword:

1.The keyword must make sense (=grammatically correct)
2.The competition must be less than 50. (Usually, I still prefer the keywords with the competition less than 30.)
3.The traffic must be more than 50 but sometimes any traffic is okay. (Don’t choose the keywords with the traffic less than 10.)

Step 5 – Use That Keyword in The Article

Then after choosing my keyword I use it in the title and in the first paragraph of my article. Then I write the rest of the text naturally. Usually, I happen to use the keyword in the text afterwards when I just write naturally but I don’t concentrate on it too much.

Placing your keyword in the title and in the first paragraph is enough.

The most important thing is not to put a lot of keywords in your text but to provide the best experience for the reader.

Remember that you are providing content for the real people who are searching something from the Internet. You are not writing for the bot, you are writing for the human.

Finding great keywords will become your second nature as you keep providing quality content and building your online business. In the beginning, it may take some time but when you get used to it, the process becomes faster and faster.

I hope this short tutorial helps you to find the best keywords for your website. Feel free to ask questions  and leave comments below!

Which keyword tools do you use? Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool or something else?

(Sometimes I use also keyword tool Jaaxy  but today explained the process how I find keywords using Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool. One of the greatest benefits of Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool is that it’s included in the premium membership. In the other words, it’s free for the premium members.)


What Does Keyword Mean?

What are keywordsMany people ask the questions like, “What are keywords?” “What do keywords mean?” And so on.

Today I’m going to explain you briefly what are those “strange keywords”. Probably after reading this text, you will be more familiar with keywords.

The Definition of a Keyword

The keyword can mean many things in the different contexts (programming and other) but let’s concentrate on the keyword’s meaning in search engines.

“The keyword is a word or a sentence used by the search engine in its search for relevant Web pages.”

Let me give you some examples. The headline of this text is “What Does Keyword Mean?” The headline itself is a keyword. I made a little bit research and saw that people are looking for that keyword (“What Does Keyword Mean”) from Google.

So, when you write something to Google you are writing “a keyword”. If someone wants to learn how to make money online and writes in Google “How to make money online”, that is his “keyword”. Simple?

More Examples of Keywords

As I mentioned, my headline “What Does Keyword Mean?” is a keyword. People are looking for that in Google. My other articles in my website are for example

People are looking these subjects in Google.

Benefits of passive income

For example, many people have searched for “Benefits of having a WordPress website.” I tell you 7 benefits in the article, so I added the seven in front of the keyword. It makes the headline also more captivating and appealing.

People are also wondering what is SEO and why they need it. They are thinking what is key to success and what are the benefits of passive income.

Keywords are the words and sentences that people search from Google and other search engines. People are interested in those things because they are looking for them.

Keyword Google

Every Article and Page Are Full of Keywords

The headline gets ranked in Google but also all the other stuff on the website. All the text in every post and page. All the images. Literally almost everything.

If you write for example a blog post of 700 words, (which is quite a normal for a blog post) it contains already a big bunch of keywords. Also, every image you add on your website can be ranked in search engines. There are techniques how you can get your images ranked better in Google but today we concentrate on the text.

Even though your every single article and page contains already a lot of keywords it’s still important to make “keyword research” to get your page ranked better. It will lead to more traffic on your website and people will find your website more easily.

How to Find Great Keywords?Jaaxy The Best

Even if you don’t have any former skills on keywords, don’t worry! If you have experience from keywords, great!

Finding great and relevant keywords can take too much time if you don’t have proper tools for doing that. It may take time from other more important things.

That’s why there are great tools which make your keyword research way easier and faster.

I can fully recommend Jaaxy. It is tool fully made for the purpose to find great keywords, make keyword research easier, faster and cheaper.

If you are interested in Jaaxy check more details from my article “Free Keyword Tool” or go to Jaaxy’s homepage and claim your 30 FREE searches!

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below!