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Is YouGov a Scam? – I Wouldn’t Spend Even 1 Minute on Their Website. Check Out Why!

Many people ask a question, “Is YouGov a Scam”? Some of them may feel a little bit curious about this online product. The first thing before you get inside yougov you need to know the details about this site. Our team member on YourOnlineRevenue.com has collected you the following report about their services. I hope you will enjoy!

YouGov Review

Is YouGov a ScamName: YouGov
Website: yougov.co.uk
Founded in: 2000
Price: Free sign up
Field: News / Survey Sites

Overall Ranking: 40 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is YouGov?

Yougov is a site where you can read articles and give your opinions about them. There are many kinds of articles that you can read. Then you can involve into a discussion with other members. Once an article is published you can find the details information about the topics and how other people react to the text about certain topics. Articles in Yougov may vary from the very general ones to the most complicated topics where you find it very shocking or surprising.

Then you will also many polls and surveys on this website about the hot topics occur every day. You can vote about issues that Yougov publishes and get points by doing that. People share their opinion and thoughts and also get a better understanding of certain issues that have been hot recently.

Is YouGov a Scam

You can choose a subject on YouGov

Topics that are shown include government, policies, Nicki Minaj, Facebook, environment and many other subjects. Although this site seems legitimate, I wouldn’t use my time on it. You can never earn enough money by answering online surveys. The other reason is that most of the time news are not worth reading like Tim Ferriss teaches in his book 4-hour work week.

The old saying goes, “Good news is no news.” Why would you like to fill out your mind with all the irrelevant and negative stuff from the mass media? You could spend that time on much more interesting and profitable things. What do you think?

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How Can You Make Money in YouGov?

Then let’s talk about making money on this website? After signing up you will be brought to surveys about any topics. From each survey, you will get points which can be exchanged for prizes.

You may ask, Is YouGov a Scam or do they really give me the prize and money that they promised? Well, some people are making testimonials that they already got prizes from Yougov and even withdrew some money. Yougov has also instructions on how to get money from their site by completing surveys and by taking polls.

There is also another way of making money from Yougov that I would like to mention. In the first survey, you will get your very first points that you can save for later exchange. Then you will also able to get some points by referring your friends and followers to their service. When your friends join Yougow, you will get additional points which you can exchange for money and prizes. This is called affiliate marketing (=you are not selling your own products but promoting other people’s products).

Is YouGov a Scam

Yougov Website

Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend Yougov for my friends or followers for the reasons I gave above. My principle is that I don’t recommend services that I wouldn’t like to use myself. I can honestly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for you and anyone who is interested in making good money online.

I have friends who joined WA without any prior knowledge of making money online and nowadays they are making $500/day or +$10,000/month. That may sound quite a lot but it’s definitely possible for you.

To know better if YouGov is a scam or legit, here are some pros and cons regarding their service.

Pros and Cons About YouGov

First, I would like to give you the good news that this site is not a scam. How is it so?

  • Because we got several accounts joining this site and the topics of the survey are really serious about the environment we live in and also about government policies that we can share our opinions and have some discussion with other people.
  • The points are really added up in the accounts and the prizes are really delivered although it is said that they need a very long ting to wait for the prize.

Of course, Yougov is very simple and it’s easy to access. When you first access Yougov you will not find any difficulties in visiting every page of the site. You will also get the full information about their service and how to get points easily.  The question, “Is YouGov a Scam?” Will be gone as you enter the site. Because there you will not find the difficulties in signing up or in getting the points to your account. You can choose the surveys based on different topics and you are free to explore the website to get the complete information about Yougov.

Therefore, the cons are always following behind right? Although you get the big points in the beginning of the survey then you will find it too long to be able to exchange your points for money or prizes.

  • You will have to gather minimal 35000 points to be able to get some prizes from amazon or other shopping websites.
  • => It’s very time-consuming to earn any money on Yougov
  • Your earning potential is low and you can’t earn passive income
  • There are much better and more interesting ways to earn money online and spend your time

Conclusion – Is YouGov a Scam?

Yougov seems like a legitimate service even though they have only 5 years of experience in the industry. But the fact that they are honest doesn’t mean that you should spend your valuable time on their website. You and I have only one life. I want to live full instead of rolling news and answering some useless polls.

I want to make a living online so I can travel the world and preach the gospel of Jesus to all people around the world. I am glad that I have found Wealthy Affiliate because it taught me how I can make money online as well. Even though I have still a long way to walk until the guys who are making +$10,000/month, my online income is growing each and every month.

Even if you wouldn’t have any prior experience, you can learn it too. It’s 100% free to join and you will get 20 interactive video lessons that will walk you through the process. You will also get 2 high-quality websites and some other things for free. Give it a try today! 🙂

Yougov at a glance…

Name: YouGov
Website: yougov.co.uk
Founded in: 2012
Price: Free sign up
Field: News / Survey Sites

Overall Ranking: 40 Out of 100


Have you ever tried or some similar websites? What kind of experiences did you have? Do you agree that they are just a waste of time?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I would love to hear your opinions. It’s always interesting to hear what other people say about the subjects that we publish on our website. I promise to respond you personally within 24 hours.