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How to Become a Good Content Writer? – 7 Killer Steps

How to Become a Good Content Writer

Become a good content writer to boost your online income!

If you want to earn money online you will need to generate content. LOTS OF CONTENT. If you can do it well, you will succeed. If not, you won’t.

Today I am going to give you 7 killer steps on how to become a good content writer.

Writing is a skill that anyone can learn well. No one does it perfectly when they born but some people keep on improving and practicing and that’s why they succeed.

1.Practice, Practice, Practice.

You won’t become a writer by swimming or singing. You need to write to become a writer! The expert of every field has used 10,000 hours practicing the subject, so if you want to become one of the best writers you will need to write a lot.

I really recommend you to write every day because then writing will become your other nature and over the time you will just notice how the text just flows from your fingers. I can say that from my  own and other people’s experience.

In my opinion, practicing is the most important thing but it is definitely the only thing. If someone would practice writing for 10,000 hours would he/she become automatically the expert? Of course not!

People don’t learn a skill only by doing that. If they would, I guess that there would lots of expert singers in the local karaoke bars. You need to learn the definite “techniques” in singing and the same applies in writing.

2.Know Your Niche, know your audience.

What if I would start talking to you about the chess principles in this website? You would be at least very confused.

But when I am talking about the money making tips, the people will enjoy.

Writing about the right subject is probably the most important thing to keep your readers captivated. I am so interested in “making money online” niche that sometimes I just read the long texts about the subject even though the writer wouldn’t be even the professional.

Even if there wouldn’t be any headlines, images or some other fancy stuff, you can keep your visitors interested in your website if you keep on talking about the things that he/she is interested in.

3.Know SEO principles

Even if you would have the killer content on your website it doesn’t help anyone (and it won’t make your revenue) if now one can find their way to your website.

The best way to get visitors to your website is to get ranked in the search engines.

You need to learn to

In order to learn SEO and to get ranked in Google, I recommend getting the proper education that will explain you step-by-step how you can be #1 in Google.

Learning SEO will save you tons of money and time as you don’t need to use so much time on the paid advertising of your content.

4.Know your platform

When you are writing the content on the Internet, you need to know that the “rules” are a bit different than what they have taught you at school.

We live in the fast tempo online world where the readers want to find the information fast and effectively.

You content needs to be user-friendly and easy to skim through quickly.

You want to use the simple language that people understand and enjoy reading without many efforts. You don’t want to put the reader in the situation when he needs to ponder what you are meaning with your content.

How to Become a Good Content Writer

You are the writer. Be Personal!

5.Be personal

Did you know that you are the world champion? You are the best you (put your name) in this world!

You don’t need to copy anyone’s style. You don’t need to write like J.K.Rowling, Paulo Coelho, Ernest Hemingway or Leo Tolstoy.

People like personal texts because they are more captivating and give clear value for the people.

When you keep on writing with your personal style you are also building your authority.

6.Learn from Your “Mentors”

Although you need to be personal, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t learn from the others.

Learning from the other writers is extremely crucial if you want to become better.

As you keep on reading the content from the Internet you can catch new ideas anytime.

Maybe you see how someone uses captivating stories that you could use yourself. Maybe someone highlights the important points in his text in a great way. Maybe some writers simplicity impresses you.

The best writer newer stops learning.

You can also ask questions from the professional content writers and many times they are willing to help you.

7.Be Persistent and Consistent

Remember that learning any skill takes time. If you want to become an incredible content writer it won’t happen in two days or two weeks. Some people give up if they don’t see the results immediately.

You just need to keep on writing the articles and all the time think how to improve writing skills.

Becoming a good writer works like earning money online. As you keep on putting the effort into your online business and study the new ways to do it better, it will become better.

Celebrate the milestones that you achieve. Your milestones can be for example,

  • 100 articles written
  • Your article goes viral
  • Your content more  sales than before
  • Your content is ranked #1 in Google
  • Etc.

Think about the goals that you want to achieve as the content writer and as you reach the goal, give yourself something special. Little gifts for yourself will keep you motivated to push forward!

How to Become a Good Content Writer? – Conclusion

Here is the little recap of the 7 killer principles:

1.Practice, Practice, Practice.
2.Know Your Niche, know your audience.
3.Know SEO principles
4.Know your platform
5.Be personal
6.Learn from Your “Mentors”
7.Be persistent and consistent

Write down these tips. Put them powerfully into action and start making more income with your content.

How do you practice do become a better writer? What are important things in your opinion?

Leave a comment below and I will respond you within 24 hours.


Is Killer Content System a Scam or Legit? You May Already Guess the Answer!

Killer Content System Review – Is Killer Content System a Scam or Legit?

Name: Killer Content Systemis killer content system a scam
Website: www.killercontent.com
Price: $37
Owners: Socrates Socratous
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100


Killer content system is made by the mysterious guy called Socrates Socratous. He is originally from the little village from the coast of the Mediterranean but now he has moved to the United States and made big income online.

Now he wants to share his secrets how he makes more than $20,000 every month.

Killer Content System Overview

The idea in Killer Content System is to build a lot of websites quickly which will generate your automatic income while you can be doing whatever you want wherever you want.

Socrates promises to teach you how you can build a website in 10 minutes that will bring you $100/month. In the other words, in 1 hour you could build 6 websites that would generate you $600/month income in total.

Socrates says that you can choose which niche you want to take and you can instantly use his 15,000 professional texts in your websites.

The income is based on the automatic content where you don’t need to make any content at all. I have discussed this subject with the successful online entrepreneurs in Wealthy Affiliate. They are saying that using automatic content will not lead to success. Totally the opposite.

Google is not looking for automatic content but quality content that they can provide for the readers. So, you won’t be ranked with automatic content.

The truth is that creating quality content takes time and that’s why many people are not willing to do it. You can’t succeed by clicking the “Magic content button” but you will succeed by being persistent and doing the right things day in and day out.

-> Want to Read the Review of #1 Online Business University?

Who Is the Founder Socrates Socratous?

When I try new “Make money online” products I usually want to know something about the founders. If I find out that the founder is a scam artist, I know to stay far away from his/her products.

The founder of Killer Content System is using alias Socrates Socratous. The first question arises, Why isn’t he using his own name? Some scammers tend to use different aliases to scam people with different products. Or who knows is Socrates is his real name…

I look for more information about him from the Internet and I manage to find him on Twitter and on Youtube. His last tweet in Twitter is from 2012 and on his Youtube account you can only see one video of him.

Then there is his personal blog and the last content is from 2013.

The income proof that he shows in the video in KillerContent.com is from 2011.

It seems that he hasn’t been active on the Internet for many years. I don’t trust this guy.

Push the Button and Become Rich

When you head over to KillerContent.com you will see the selling video by Socrates.

He is promising that anyone can make big incomes easily just by pushing some buttons and letting the tools take care of the rest.

Socrates is very enthusiastic in showing you the pictures of his big incomes that are from 2011 (see the example below).

Killer content system review

Socrates’ daily incomes

I don’t believe in that kind of “push the button” riches. I personally don’t know anyone who would have made easy money with that kind of program. But I know LOTS OF PEOPLE who have lost their money in the scams that are promising easy riches.

I know it’s possible to earn big money by making good investments. For example, I have made hundreds of euros with just a few clicks when I have decided to invest in the right companies but that’s totally the other story. This Socrates guy is not talking about wise investments but something else.

Socrates is promising an automatic system that generates you fast riches when you are not even lifting a finger. THAT’S… You know what!

Pros & Cons


  • Some kind of training and tools are provided


  • No free trial
  • Too big promises
  • The guy is selling the dream not the product
  • No community

My Final Opinion of Killer Content System

I keep on following my 5 principles to avoid scams online.

1.The program has too big promises
2.Reviews on the Internet are talking bad about this product
3.The founder doesn’t seem reliable
4.The system is not proven by the reliable and successful online entrepreneurs
5.They don’t have any free educational material.

I need to say that Killer Content System is a scam. I don’t spend my money on this product and I recommend you neither.

Instead, I recommend you to use your time and money on more reliable programs.

Killer Content System at a Glance

Name: Killer Content System
Website: www.killercontent.com
Price: $37
Owners: Socrates Socratous
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100


Leave the comments and the questions below and I will promise to answer you in 24 hours!

Do you have experience of Killer Content System?

Do you have experience of creating automatic content?

What is your opinion about “Push the button riches”?


How to Write for Blogs? – 5 Practical Tips

How to Write for Blogs

Learn to provide quality content on your blog.

If you want to earn money by blogging you may be interested in hearing the answer to the question, “How to Write for Blogs?”

Today I am going to give you 5 practical tips how you can write for your blogs to increase your traffic, engagement, search engine rankings and revenue.

Let’s go!

1.Think That You Are Writing to One Person

This will help your reader to read your texts. Give them the feeling that there are just two persons, You and the reader.

One successful online entrepreneur Jermaine Griggs gives piano courses on the Internet. He teaches tens of thousands of people from all around the world. Still he can give the personal feeling in his blog posts and video training.

He says for example, “Lay back. Relax. Just you and me.” and then comes the piano training.

Is not a coincidence that this guy is a millionaire.

He is teaching a huge amount of people but still he gives the feeling that there is only he and the student.

Don’t think that you are writing to 1,000 people but think that you are writing to only one person.

It will make your blog more personal.

2.Think That You Are Writing for Your Friend

If you want to earn money with your blog you must be helping people and providing them something valuable. Some beginners in affiliate marketing make the mistake of always trying to sell something without providing any important value.

One useful trick to help your mind to create more useful ideas is to think how would you help your friend. How would you write to your best friend?

Would you sell him/her all the time and try to push all your products in front of him? If you would do that I may ask, how long are you waiting for your friendship to last?

Everyone loves friendly people. People love it when someone helps and does something for them.

3.Give Answers

We love it when someone gives valuable answers for our questions.

For example, I am thinking sometimes questions like, “How to increase the results in the gym faster?” “How to win in chess?” “How to be a better disciple of Jesus?”

If someone comes and tells me the answers for that kind of questions I’m more than willing to hear.


I am not willing to hear invaluable answers. And neither are other people. So be sure that when you are providing answers that they really answer the questions and give something that isn’t so obvious.

Of course, sometimes “the obvious answers” are good to say out loud because we humans tend to forget the important things. Most of the motivational speeches are just repeating “the obvious things” that people tend to forget in the middle of their busy lives.


How to Write for Blogs

Think about Your Audience

4.Think About Your Audience

This may sound obvious but still some people tend to forget this one. If your blog is about dog training, don’t talk about your journey in Mexico. Okay, you can tell a story about your journey if you can relate it somehow to your actual topic which is dog training.

If you can tell captivating stories, they are always nice! But don’t talk about the subjects that are not related to your website.

For example, my blog is about earning money online and everything related to that topic. I will not write here the articles about language learning or the gym even though they are my other interests. My audience would be bored.

Instead, I concentrate on the topics that are relevant to “make money online” -subject.

5.Be Straight

Have you ever went to the blog post where the introduction seems to last too long and you just get bored and click for the next post.

I’ve experienced it many times.

Probably the writers are trying to build the momentum but many times the person on the Internet is just finding for the quick answers and you have 10 seconds to convince that you have what he/she is looking for.

  • Don’t write introductions of 300 words!
  • Go straight to your point.
  • Give clear instructions and points
  • Give conclusion


Here are 5 my practical tips on How to Write for Blogs

1.Think That You Are Writing to One Person
2.Think That You Are Writing for Your Friend
3.Give Answers
4.Think About Your Audience
5.Be Straight

I hope that these tips will help you to become a better blogger and the writer.

I have learned a lot about blogging from Wealthy Affiliate. It also teaches you how to monetize your blogs and websites. You will get 10 Free video lessons on how to get started and understand the process of earning money with your blog.

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How to Make Your Content User-Friendly? 6 Tips for Readable Text

contentThe #1 purpose of the good website is to provide value for the readers. But how to get readers? With valuable and well-written content. No one will get value from the site if no one reads it.

To get the visitors read your content, you need to make the content appealing. One important thing is to add relevant images. But today we concentrate how to make your text look good.

6 Tips for Readable Text (confirmed by an Online Millionaire)

(1) Use Small Paragraphs
(2) Separate Your Ideas With Headings
(3) Use Black Text (or Dark Grey) on White Background
(4) Use Conversational Speak
(5) Choose a Relevant and Captivating Headline
(6) Use Relevant Images

(1) Use Small Paragraphs. People in internet don’t want to read long paragraphs. People are used to read small snippets like maximum 140 characters in Twitter.

Sometimes people just skim through texts and blogs without reading them carefully. If your paragraphs are short, they are easier to skim through.

One sentence paragraphs are totally okay.

Got it? 😉

(2) Separate Your Ideas With Headings. As you can see in this text for example I have separated different ideas with subheadings. It’s easy to see when the new idea starts and when the other ends.

Separating your ideas with headings helps navigating. Another benefit is that good sub-headings can captivate the reader for the longer time in your website. Good headings leave the reader curious.

(3) Use Black Text (or Dark Grey) on White Background. You don’t want that your website looks like a circus show.

What do think about this? Do different colors give me authority? No.

Black text on white background is easy-to-read and it looks more professional than many different colors.

You can exceptionally use a bit of some colors like I have done in the end of my reviews. But only exceptionally. Don’t overuse colors. Black text on white background is cool and effective.

(4) Use Conversational Speak. Lay back. It’s just you and me.

Don’t use too formal text. People want that the text is easy to read and understand. Usually the best teachings are so easy that even a child can understand the message.

Usually You-form is the most effective because then the reader has the feeling that you are talking right to him/her.

(5) Choose a Relevant and Captivating Headline. You want people to read your text. You need to captivate their attention with the relevant headline.

Don’t tell everything in the headline. Leave people a bit curious. But say something that they are would like to hear. If your website’s theme is fitness and healthy lifestyle, great headline could be for example “How to get fit in two months?” People want to get fit fast and they want to know how to do it.

(6) Use Relevant Images. People are visual by nature. We get used to images already in the childhood when our parents read us children’s books.

Great images make our content more lively, it helps to remember the text better and it makes the whole website more appealing. (How to find free images.)


These six principles are great guidelines for you when you are writing texts. Remember, there can sometimes be exceptions but by using these principles your text will be very user-friendly. Your visitors will spend more time on your website and you will get your message through.

(1) Use Small Paragraphs
(2) Separate Your Ideas With Headings
(3) Use Black Text (or Dark Grey) on White Background
(4) Use Conversational Speak
(5) Choose a Relevant and Captivating Headline
(6) Use Relevant Images

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them below.