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How to Success Online? – Start from Your Mind!

How to Success Online

Program Your Mind for Success

“Gather successful people from all walks of life and what would they have in common? The way they think!” -John Maxwell.

If you want to know how to success online you need to start from your mind.

You need to prepare your mind for success.

One of the most important findings in the human history is the following,

“We become what we think most of the time.” -Brian Tracy

If you think about success and see yourself succeeding, you will eventually succeed. But if you see yourself failing, you will fail.

I am one of the Finland’s best chess players. I have seen that this principle works as in chess but also in the other areas of life like in the online business.

Success vs. Failure in the Online Business

When you think about your online business it’s important what you are expecting to happen.

If you are thinking all the time, “What if this doesn’t work.” “What if people don’t buy my products.” or “What if I don’t have enough skills.” Your thoughts will become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Probably people won’t buy your products if you don’t even yourself believe in them. The better attitude is to believe that people will love your products.

Compare if instead you would be thinking, “When will my breakthrough happen? Probably already in this month or then in the next month?” “I’m working so hard that sooner or later I will be rewarded.” or “I love as I’m learning all the time and improving my business.”

What do you think, which one of the attitudes will lead to a greater success in the online business?

If you are waiting for the failure, you will give up too easily. You will give up when you face the first difficulties thinking, “I knew that sooner or later I will fail.”

But if you are waiting for the success you will automatically work harder thinking, “I’m not working hard enough to get the results I want. I need to work harder and better.” (See Persistence Is the Key to Success.)

How to Success in Online business

For the successful people, failure is not an option

Failure is Not an Option

One important characteristic of the successful people is that they expect success. They are not waiting for the failure. (Temporary failures may happen but those are learning experiences. The ultimate failure is not an option. Temporary failures are the part of the ultimate success.)

They know that they’ll achieve what they want and eventually they will.

My friend described one of her successful friends. She said, “He (the successful person) always somehow figures out his way. I don’t know how but somehow he always manages to do it.”

That’s the point!

You don’t need to know the exact way how to do it when you start. Just believe that you will succeed and somehow in the course of time you will find the way.

Remember that success doesn’t come without paying the price. But when you are 100% sure that you will succeed, you will do all the required efforts and learn all the skills.

Create Your Success a Reality

Live in the way as you want to live in your dream. Don’t think, “First, I need to success and then I will live like successful people.” Start living your dream now.

Clean your office.
Wear elegant clothes.
Listen to motivational music.
Treat your customers as well as you can.
Take pictures that show how your success will look like.
Put the motivational picture as your background picture.

The point is, make the coming success as real as you would have already achieved that.

Think how your life will be when you have done it.

Think how you have helped and impacted the people around you.

Make it real!

Reprogram Your Mind to Online Success

Here are 3 short texts from Wealthy Affiliate that can help you to program and prepare your mind for the online success.

15 Ways to Improve Motivation & Concentration

Motivational Quote

Choosing motivational Words for Success

I hope these thoughts will help you to success better in your online business. You will make it if you believe so.

But if you don’t believe, the game is already lost. I believe in you!

What kind of techniques have you used to make yourself closer the ultimate success?


Are You Willing to Pay the Price for Success?

Are You Willing to Pay the Price for Success

“We see their glory but don’t understand the story.”

Have you seen that iceberg already in my Wealthy Affiliate review?

In my opinion, it illustrates greatly the price for success. How do you understand success?

One great definition of success is “The correct or desired result of an attempt.” In other words, you do something and when you get the desired result, you have succeeded.

What does success mean in online business? For many people, it means extra income, full-time income or financial independence. What is a success for you in online business? $200/month, $1,000/month or $10,000/month?

There is Always a Price for Success!

Let’s say that you want to earn the full-time income online, working from home. In order to achieve that, you need to work a certain amount of time. You need to learn the skills to provide value for people. Then you need to reach the people for example in your website, social network or on the email list.

First of all, this requires time. You can’t expect to learn everything in one day. But you can expect to learn it in one year.

But the interesting thing is that when people start the online business and confronts the first failure (see the iceberg), many people quit. Some people succeed for the first try but most of the successful people have failed many times before making the real breakthrough.

Thomas Edison failed 10 000 times before inventing the light bulb. How many times you are willing to fail?

Before I thought that failure is the opposite of success. Now I know that failure is the part of success.

Disappointments and THE GOOD NEWS

We disappoint usually when our expectations don’t come true in the real world. That may happen in our life. We don’t know what the future brings.

But remember the Good news! There are also a lot of situations when you get more than you have expected. Like this guy who started earning over $10,000/month after working online for a bit over one year.

Don’t let your expectations define  your success.

Sometimes you will get more than you expected, sometimes less.

Focus on giving your best and you will get what you earn. If you get fewer rewards than you expected think how you could work better next time and get rewarded bigger.

Price for Online Success

Success online isn’t different than success offline. There are no shortcuts. (Although some scammers so claim falsely!)

You will need to work. You will need to learn. You will need to be persistent.

But think about the consequences. Work for a “normal job” for 3 years. You start by earning $2,500/month. And after 3 years you are still earning $2,500/month or if things go well $2,600/month. Would it be better to work online for 3 years and start earning $10,000/month?

I’m not saying that you will automatically earn $10,000/month after working 3 years online. It depends on highly how much you are willing to work and pay the price. As I said before you will get more or less as you have expected. But don’t let your expectations define your success.

Having an online business requires also some discipline as any other important thing. You may just want to scroll Facebook news feed but that doesn’t build your business. You need to focus on the most important things. Good concentration will give you better results in less time. (Remember Pareto 80/20 Principle)

Good Concentration -> Good Results. Bad Concentration -> Bad Results.

Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

Those who pay the price will get the prize. Nothing worthwhile in life comes without work and the price. You know it’s easy to get a fast pleasure eating fast food, drink beer, horse around with your friends or and doing things like that.

If you want to be fit, earn $10,000/month or achieve something worthwhile, honestly, sometimes you need to delay the gratification.

But think about the prize. Is it worth it? Where do you want to be after 3 years? If having an own online business and earning passive income would be great results start your own online business in Wealthy Affiliate for free today!

keys to success prizes

Do you want to win the prize? First, pay the price!