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Is MMM Global a Ponzi Scheme? Yes, It Is. – Stay Far Away from It!

MMM Global is a company with huge promises. They promise you a big profit with even 5-15 minutes of work per day. Is MMM Global a Ponzi Scheme or can you really make big profits? This is what we have found out.

Is MMM Global a ScamName: MMM Global
Website: www.mmmglobal.org
Founded in: 1989
Founder: Sergei Mavrodi
Field: Ponzi Scheme Company

What Is MMM Global?

MMM Global claims to be a community of people providing financial help to each other and they are fast to defend that they are not a multi-level marketing (MLM) or high-yield investment program (HYIP).

The original MMM was one of the largest Ponzi schemes of all time, orchestrated by convicted fraudster Sergei Mavrodi who eventually escaped prosecution by being elected to the Russian parliament and hence obtaining immunity. The scheme collapsed in the 1990’s, with estimates ranging from 5-40 million investors losing up to US$ 10 billion. In July 1994, the offices of MMM was closed by the Russian police for tax evasion, as they owed more than $25 million in taxes. Unfortunately, it was reported that at least 50 people who invested in the scheme committed suicide.

However, in 2015, the scheme resurfaced in a few emerging markets across the world (notably South Africa, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria), promising investor returns of up to 240% per month. They are known for using poetic language about selflessness, helping others and destroying the world’s unjust financial system, with a now popular theme of “Together we can change the world” which probably strike a chord with their target audience and users who fall victim to Ponzi schemes.

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How does MMM Global work?

First let’s take a look at what a Ponzi scheme is, right?

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment scheme whereby the scheme pays money to exist investors from contributions made by new investors. However, the scheme often collapses when it goes short of new investors since it relies on money from them to pay existing investors. When a delay in payment begins to occur, it usually triggers a panic, where all investors suddenly ask for their investments & promised gains. Until then, they realize that nothing will be paid to them.

So, now that we fully understand what a Ponzi scheme is, let’s take a look at how MMM Global works…

Most participants tries to explain that you simply give some specific amount of money to the community when you join which is popularly referred to as “Provide Help” and that eventually the community will eventually return back the money you deposited, plus a lot more which they refer to as “Get Help”. There is no form of investment or business transaction that occurs, you simply “Give Help” by paying some money to someone you don’t know and wait for a specific number of days to have your money back with even a greater yield.

They also claim that there is no central or middle account, where all the money flows to (hence it cannot be stolen), all the money donated are distributed to all the participants in the community, and that MMM only provides the technical basic program, which helps millions of participants worldwide to find those who need help and those who are ready to provide help for free. This has always been a major force toward the sustenance of the scheme.

I always recommend my readers to build a real online business where they can provide value for their followers. It’s an opposite of the Ponzi scheme. I have a step-by-step training so you can create a successful online business as well.

MMM Global Commission Structure

It is very simple to join, and once you join you must ‘Provide Help’ to others by depositing a certain amount starting from $10. When you want to ‘Get Help’ you just withdraw the available funds in your account, which must have been provided by other new investors. At this time, expect that your initial investment must have been doubled in value with accumulated interest. I call this magical cash gifting at its worst.

However, to always keep the first investors happy, the scheme has to find some new investors. From this set of new investors, the scheme tends to pay the first group of investors with their first returns and probably siphon some money for his own personal use.

While the second set of investors will be expecting a payout, the first group will also be expecting more returns. Hence, more new investors will be needed to pay the first two sets. This keeps recycling itself, with a constant stream of new investors always needed to pay existing members.

Eventually, the losers in the scheme are the ones that “Provide Help” at the beginning but are not able to “Get Help” when they request, and the winners of the scheme are those that have gone through the process over and over again.

Is MMM Global a ponzi Scheme

MMM Global has lots of testimonial on their website but I guess that they are fake

MMM Global Training and Support

There was nowhere I could find any meaningful training that new investors must undergo prior joining the Marvo scheme. What I was able to find are encouragements and rewards if you share MMM cash gifting scheme with others on YouTube and Facebook and recommending people to join on other social media platforms.

Pros & Cons


  • Free to join, as the community is open to everyone.
  • A participant can get up to 240% more from his donation.
  • They claim all donations are delivered directly to the participants in the community, so therefore it’s impossible for MMM to Scam you.
  • The System of MMM will make it sure that all the donations of the participants are confirmed.


  • Its business model which is known as pyramid or cash gifting scheme is known to collapse.
  • Delays and continuous changes in Marvo (currency) payment dates.
  • People complain of frozen accounts, and in many countries, bank freezes account of participants of the scheme.
  • The owner Sergey Mavrodi is well known for running similar scams which defrauded participants.
  • Due to its negative reviews, it has become difficult for new people to be recruited.
  • As a result of panic, most people are leaving once they withdraw their funds.
  • The system is reliable as there are reports of millions in fake deposits.

 Conclusion – Is MMM Global a Scam?

I must say am still quite surprised that people are still investing in schemes devised by Sergei Mavrodi, who has been convicted for involvement in Ponzi scheme since the 1990’s. Unfortunately, even the authorities are not able or don’t want to do much about stopping these schemes right now.

People are stuck in this schemes with the hope of making tons of money. Investing in a scheme that offers returns of up to 240% per month is indeed a big risk. Though you might make money from it, but there is a high possibility that you will lose all of it. Even, MMM Global admits that there is no guarantee that you will make money, and there is a possibility that you might lose all of it. But, because there are people who actually make money out of the system, everyone wants a piece of the pie, and this is the reason MMM Global is still alive after all the scandals that happened about two decades ago. I wonder why we forget the past so soon!

My sincere advice to everyone is to please stop risking your money on such systems.

If you are interested in making money online honestly, I have a great opportunity for you. It’s not a Ponzi scheme, “get-rich-scheme” or something like that. It is a step-by-step training that teaches you hand-by-hand how you can make money online. It’s also 100% free to join. You will get 10 interactive video lessons, 2 websites and my 1-on-1 mentoring you free.

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Have you encountered other Ponzi schemes? Which one?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Click Intensity a Scam? Unfortunately, Yes. – Read Why!


One year ago in March 2016 happened something interesting! A new company called Click Intensity was created. Lots of big-mouth promises about easy money and getting rich quick. What happened then? Is Click Intensity a Scam? Read this honest review by our YourOnlineRevenue -team member.

is click intensity a scam

Name: Click Intensity
Website: www.ClickIntensity.com
Founded: March 2016
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Verdict: Scam. (Read About My #1 Recommendation to Make Money Online)

 What Is Click Intensity?

Click intensity is a relatively new company and starts off marketing itself as a company that pays you to complete tasks and to advertises for other companies. However, it very quickly turns into you earning commission for just signing people up to buy their $25 silver coin pack, which gives you a share in the company. From there you wait until the share becomes $30, and you make that back.

How Does Click Intensity work?

It works by you signing up, completing tasks, and also giving you the chance to advertise for other companies. However, you make the most money by getting other people to sign up. 10% commission is given for every new level 1 member you can get to join and buy a silver coin pack. Which is where the company makes most of its money. But they really push you to keep buying shares in the company, convincing you to buy until you have 4000 shares, claiming that’s going to make you the most money.

They also do not offer any training once you join, on how to grow your business or properly invest. They have videos on their YouTube channel, but outside of that, you’re kind of on your own.

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How to Make Money with Click Intensity?

Click Intensity doesn’t say exactly how much, however, they do push you to buy shares, pushing the fact that you won’t get fully paid for the system unless you invest $100,000 into it. This seems like a red flag to me, because you are constantly buying without being paid. In their videos, they also state that do not even know when you will be recompensated or if you even will be.

The fact is, when you’re investing in the company, if the company is profitable, then you will be too. But if they fail, then your investment is lost. They do not provide training on this at click intensity or educate their clients about this matter. They just want you to keep buying and spending money. In their videos, they also state that they do not even know when you will be paid. So you could be throwing $100,000 at a company, and never get any return.

I have been quite a successful investor during my life. I can say as an advice that doesn’t put your money into a company that’s not providing real value. Click Intensity is just trying to pump up money by selling big hopes for their members. But where is the value? That’s a crucial question.

You can also make money by just getting other people to invest. However, there is a $25 dollar fee to be able to do this. But why would you sell a scam? That would not be an honest way to make money online.

is click intensity a scam

Typical Big-Mouth Promises of a Pyramid Scheme

Is Click Intensity Reliable?

Click Intensity does not appear very reliable. For one reason, they do not have an approximate timeframe for when you will be paid. This is bad business practice. Because they don’t say, you’ll be paid a week after your investment, they can get away with never actually paying you for anything you bought, sold, or completed.

They also do not have any contact information, and their support page no longer exists anymore. This means that even if you were to invest, there would be no one to talk to if there were problems. Click Intensity is very unreliable for these reasons. Even if they only had an email at the bottom of the page, that’s something that people can attempt to contact.

They literally have no way to get in touch with them unless you try to bring them to legal action and they are forced to face you. That’s not what a reliable company does. A reliable company will answer all your questions, and address your concerns, mostly because they have nothing to hide.

Pros & Cons:


  • Tell me if there are any pros 😉


  • The potential return on investment could be very high. However, there is no guarantee that you will have any return at all.
  • There is no support page or contact information. So if there is a problem, then you are on your own.
  • There is no guarantee that you will be paid, or an estimated time you will be paid. You could be waiting years for payment.
  • The amount you have to invest to get the full effect out of the company is ridiculous. You have to invest $100,000 in order to make the most money. You could start your own business with $100,000, and receive training for it as well, and still, have some left over to keep in savings.
  • You could purchase shares in a company with very little knowledge of investing and shares. Many people cannot get involved in stock or shares because they don’t have the knowledge. However, this company lets you buy a share with very little ease. => It makes some people fall into this scam

Conclusion – Is Click Intensity a Scam?

Yes, it is. Click Intensity is a Ponzi scheme that provides no value for the money that you invest. I always recommend staying very far away from such companies. Do your research so you won’t fall into this kind of scams.

If you are still interested in making a living online, I have a good training for you. It’s completely free to start and doesn’t require any prior knowledge. It won’t make you rich quick but it will teach real skills how you can build your own online business.

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Have you run into pyramid schemes? What about some of your friends?

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What Is a Ponzi Scheme and How Does It Work? – Learn to Avoid Them!

If you have seen some “Make Money Online” -scams, you have probably heard a term “Ponzi Scheme”. But What Is a Ponzi Scheme and How Does It Work? Today I am going to explain you in a simple manner and give a few tips how you will never fall in them.

What Is a Ponzi Scheme?

Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the founder pays very high returns for initial investors. The money comes from new investors and they are paying for those who joined the program earlier. When new investors stop coming in, the system collapses.

Normally when you invest in a stock market, you can expect on average 6-8% annual interest. But Ponzi schemes promise you much higher returns, for example, 200-300% ROI. High returns entice new investors to join. And when the first investors start seeing their income, they recommend the program for others and the system grows.

Many times a Ponzi scheme is hidden under a business that looks legitimate but really is not. For example, Click Ad XpressFort Ad Pays or Lotto Magic promises to give you a product but actually all returns depend on new investors.

Here simple video explains very well in 83 seconds how a Ponzi scheme works

Charles Ponzi, the Founder of the First Famous Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi schemes started in the 1920s by an Italian guy called Charles Ponzi. He said that by buying postal reply coupons and redeeming them in the United States they would make a huge profit. He promised clients a 50% profit within 45 days, or 100% profit within 90 days.

When new people joined, he was able to pay high returns for the first investors. Investors had already invested more than 20 million before it collapsed after a year from starting the “business”. 20 million in 1920 equal to more than 250 million in 2017 because of the inflation. It helps you to understand that Charles Ponzi’s scheme was a big thing back then.

What Is a Ponzi Scheme and How Does It Work

Ponzi Scheme Works Like Pyramid Schemes

But after all, Charles got arrested by running this system and cheating other people. That’s what happens to most Ponzi scheme founders after all. Many times they take the money the investors have give and try to disappear. But often police finds them and puts them into a jail. Now, for example, Bernard Madoff is sitting in jail for the rest of his life (or until 2139) because of his Ponzi scam back in 2008.

It gives us a lesson that doesn’t ever create a Ponzi scheme. For me, it’s even hard to understand how some people can become so immoral that they start cheating people with Ponzi schemes. That’s why the Book of books says:

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Money itself can be a neutral thing but if you love it more than anything else, your values are not very good, in my opinion. That’s why I recommend making money online by providing value for other people.

How to Stay Out of Ponzi Schemes?

Nobody wants to get scammed. That’s why I have written you 5 principles how to avoid scams online. If you follow those rules you will never get scammed. But let’s concentrate today on Ponzi schemes. How to avoid them.

1.If somebody promises very high returns on investments, be careful. I am not saying that high returns on investments are not possible. I, for example, made a 1500€ profit with 500€ investment with bitcoins which is not a Ponzi scheme. Some of my friends have made even tens of thousands of euros in a short period of time with bitcoins. High returns are possible but you must be are careful when somebody is promising something like that.

2.Investigate what is the business model/system all about. Is there a real business or are they just promising something that isn’t real? The business where you are investing must provide some kind of value.

3.Read reviews. Nowadays we don’t need to trust only what our friend says because we can check the information also on the Internet. Google the system and write, “Is xxxxxx a Scam?”. Then check 5-10 ten articles to find out the answer. But remember that people may be promoting Ponzi schemes so you need to be careful with some reviews. That’s why the free trial of the system gives a better picture.

I would like to hear from you also. How could you avoid Ponzi schemes? Leave a comment below.

Conclusion – What Is a Ponzi Scheme and How Does It Work

Let’s take a short summary what are the characteristics of a Ponzi scheme:

1.Promises ultimately high return on investments
2.Not a real business model = Doesn’t provide any real value
3.New investors high returns make possible
4.System collapses when nobody joins the system again

I am glad that I have never fallen into a Ponzi scheme. The first real “make money online” -program that I found was Wealthy Affiliate and it turned out to be a legitimate system. They teach how anybody can build a real online business even without former experience. I saw there people who were making more than $10,000/month online and living like a king in China.

My first thought was that it must be a scam. But when I got to know these people personally and saw more and more examples, I realized that Wealthy Affiliate training works. Nowadays I am making money online every month and I planning to become a full-time online entrepreneur soon. Then I will also move to Asia like my mentor in Wealthy Affiliate (nowadays he lives again in U.S). If you are interested in making money online, I recommend taking a closer look at WA.

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Have you ever seen Ponzi schemes online?

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Is Ad Click Xpress a Scam? Cheap Traffic to Your Website or a Ponzi Scheme?

This is the day of eCommerce when even brick and mortar business owners have an online presence. The snag with that is that there are bazillions of websites. Shoppers have their choice of sites, and they ruthlessly exercise that choice. Another snag for the small business owner is getting visitors to view their website. Add to this the fact that every day new business owners, whether eCommerce owners or multi-level marketing owners have the same goal: traffic. How does one get traffic?

Traffic exchanges are one way to have one’s business be seen by large groups of persons. They are generally free to join. They offer many different advertising packages. They also offer users a way to make a little money aside for the return, if any, from ad packages. Users will view other business owners’ ads, click that they have seen it, and rack up pennies towards their future income. Their ad is simultaneously being seen by other advertisers. To illustrate the subject, let’s examine Ad Click Xpress.

After reading this Ad Click Xpress Review you will know for sure if you want to join their program or not.

Ad Click Xpress Review

is ad click xpress a scamName: Ad Click Xpress
Website:  www.adclickxpress.is
Founded: 2012
Field: Online Advertising

Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100. (Check my #1 Recommendation, 98 out of 100)

What is Ad Click Xpress all About?

ACX is a traffic exchange offering ten dollar advertising packages. For this ten dollars, advertisers receive 600 credits (this means eyeballs on advertisers’ pages when the page is clicked upon) and banners. When the ten dollar ad pack matures, advertisers will be paid $15. Advertisers may take the money and run, or they may put the money back into further ad packages.

When the math is done, it pays to buy perhaps ten ad packs. As each day passes, withdraw a certain amount and buy another ten dollar ad package. Business persons can see how they can make a decent income as well as advertise their business. First page ads, full page ads and any number of clicks on their pages will net the business owner lots of eyeballs on their business offerings.

BUT read further. ACX is not as good as it may sound at first…

How Can I Make Money with Ad Click Xpress?

As described above, buying ad packages and buying more upon maturation is one of the ways business persons make lots of money in traffic exchanges. However, most all traffic exchanges offer a certain percentage of the take when business persons have people sign up beneath them. Most offer ten percent when the people beneath you buy ad packages in addition to signing up other people. Add all this to the pennies obtained through clicking on other business peoples’ pages, and the business owner will have a nice income.

ACX works in a similar way like Fort Ad Pays and another similar site. They are called revenue share websites. Everyone buys a package and gives some money for those who are already in the pool. But what happens when nobody enters again? The system collapses.

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How Much Money Can I Make?

I have read testimonials of Ad Click Xpress and other members who said that they earned thousands of dollars but they couldn’t withdraw their money. Ad Click Xpress showed that they have earned already, for example, $5,000 but when they clicked “Withdraw”, they realized it was only imaginary money. The money that you would earn from ACX doesn’t seem to exist.

So, your earning potential according to several testimonials is close to 0. You are risking every penny that you give them.

is ad click xpress a scam

It’s hard to believe their big-mouth promises after reading a few testimonials from their old members

Pros of Ad Click Xpress are:

  • Free to join

Cons of Ad Click Xpress

The cons are pretty serious:

  • No listed owner, address or landline phone number
  • Does not pay withdrawal requests
  • Has morphed from JustBeenPaid to profit clicking and not to Ad Click Xpress inside seven years
  • Present members complain of not getting their payouts for months

Conclusion – Is Ad Click Xpress a Scam or Is It Worth It?

An honest review simply puts forth the evidence. In the end, it is the business owner who must decide if any company is worth their hard-earned ten bucks. I must say that don’t use it for Ad Click Xpress. It’s called a Ponzi scheme because new “investors” pay the original people who set it up. If you put hundreds or thousands into it, you’ll lose money you can’t afford to lose. My advice: don’t go there.

If you are interested in making money online, I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate. It is an online business training platform and a community of online entrepreneurs. It’s the best where I learned to build my first online business. I am making more and more money each month with their principles and my current goal is to become a full-time online entrepreneur in 2018, thanks to WA.

The concept what Wealthy Affiliate teaches is the following:

1.Create a website about a subject you like. Can be anything from tennis to dogs, from diapers to programming or from cooking to bodybuilding.

2.Write reviews about different products. For example about tennis rackets, gym equipment, different food recipes and anything that you can imagine.

3.Leave affiliate links. When somebody clicks your link and buys a product, you earn the commission.

4.Repeat the process. Write more reviews, leave more links, get more visitors, get more sales and generate a full-time income.

It’s a simple process but you need to learn a few thing to become a succesful affiliate marketer.

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Have you tried Ad Click Xpress or another online advertising platform?

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