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Are Online Surveys Worth It? – No No NO!

You may have earned some dollars from online surveys but at the same, they are spending your valuable time. You may be asking “Are Online Surveys Worth It?

In YourOnlineRevenue.com we have reviewed several survey sites: Clixsense, Cashcrate, Toluna, Opinion World and so on. We know that people are making money from them but still, we are not recommending any of them. If I would recommend survey sites, I would probably earn good amount of money when people would join through my links and I would earn commission from referrals.

So why am I throwing money away by saying that online surveys are not worth it?

Because I want to provide the best information and value for my readers. I don’t want to recommend something that I wouldn’t be ready to use myself.

are online surveys worth it

“But People Are Earning Real Money With Surveys!?”

You may have seen pictures from successful Internet marketers of their survey site earnings. Below they have written, “Easy $50 every month.” That’s their way to motivate new people to join through their links and they will earn commissions for referrals. That $50 may be easy if they earned it only by answering surveys but it doesn’t mean that it would be worth it.

If you have spent 20 hours to earn $50 from surveys, I wouldn’t say it’s worth it. You may have earned that same $50 in 3-5 hours in your normal job and spent the rest 15-17 hours doing something fun that you like to do instead of answering surveys. Would you prefer sitting 20 hours in front of your computer or 3 hours at work + 17 hours with your family/friends? I would take the latter one.

99,99% of the times you will be making much better income with a normal job compared to answering surveys.

Conclusion 1: Don’t answer surveys for money. They are not worth it. ANY other job makes you earn more. And there are much better online opportunities out there.

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Think Long-Term, Not Short-Term!

Probably you may think that answering surveys or playing little games can be an easy way to make some useful extra dollars. But let’s analyze this subject a bit closer. My claim is that your life should be spent in a more valuable way than answering online surveys and playing little games to earn some pennies.

It may feel like a little time to answer one or two surveys but if you keep on doing that, minutes and hours will add up to a huge time in total. Let’s say that you use 2 hours a week answering surveys. It makes about 9 hours in a month. You may earn probably $20-30 with surveys with that time.

9 hours/month makes 108 hours/year. And imagine if you would spend double that time, it’s already 216 hours a year. In that time you could already learn a language to a decent level. Or you could learn how to play piano/guitar. Or you could earn $3,240 with $15/hour salary. With surveys, you probably would probably make max. $400 in 216 hours. The difference is $2800.

Or you could use that 216 hours with your children, with your loved ones or with someone else that you enjoy spending time with. Why on earth would you like to spend your valuable life in front of your little computer answering those boring surveys or playing those useless games!?!

Have a look at my recent video on Youtube where I explain why online surveys are not worth it. (I made the video after researching more than 100 survey sites.)

Better Alternative to Relax (Compared to Online Surveys)

If you are answering surveys with an excuse, “I just want to relax a little bit.” I have here 3 alternatives that are far better ways to relax than filling online surveys.

are online surveys worth it

Spend some good time with your girlfriend/boyfriend. (Or get one!) 😉


Spend some fun time with your friends!


Go to enjoy nature. There are beautiful places in every town.


The guy answering online surveys to earn some pennies. You don’t want to be this guy! 🙂

Conclusion 2: Don’t answer surveys for relaxing. There are much better ways to earn money online.

Better Alternative to Earn Money Online – Affiliate Marketing

As we concluded before, online surveys are not going to make you good money. But I can honestly tell you that the Internet is full of opportunities to earn money online. And it can be ultimately profitable. See 5 examples of guys who are making +$10,000/month (all of them started without any experience!).

That way is called Affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell affiliate marketing means that there is a company (for example Amazon) and they have products (for example books). Then you leave a link about their product to your website, social media or anywhere else on the Internet. Then somebody clicks your link and buys some product (from Amazon). Then you earn some commission from the company.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t need your own products. It’s good to have your own website where you can leave links and create some content. You can write about anything you want. If you are interested in motorcycling, you can have a website about motorcycling and then link motorcycles, helmets and other equipment. Then you will earn money when people buy products through your links. If you don’t know anything about building websites, don’t worry neither didn’t I or people mentioned before! Nowadays building a website is EASY and you can build your own website in 30 seconds.

If you want to learn to make money through affiliate marketing I recommend you to go to Wealthy Affiliate where you will learn

  • How to build a beautiful website FAST and EASILY
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • How to monetize your website
  • How to make your website looking better
  • and much more! You will, for example, get to know many successful online entrepreneurs

The best part is that you can get started FOR FREE. Put your credit card away.

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What are your experiences with online surveys? Do you find them worth it or not? Why/Why not? Leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to reply you personally.


Is PaidViewPoint Legit? Read This Before Joining!

Would you like to make money online? Have you been searching an easy way to make it? One option is online surveys. But is PaidViewPoint legit and is it recommended? Read our honest answer to that question. We will also reveal a much better way to make even $10,000/month online. Don’t you believe it? Read further!

PaidViewPoint  Review

Name: PaidViewPoint
Website: www.PaidViewPoint.com
Founded: 2011
Field: “Get-Paid-To” -Sites

Overall Ranking: 30 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

I took a video where I show how it looks inside of their member’s area. I also explain why Paidviewpoint is not worth it. In the end of the video I show you a better way to make money online that I use myself.

What Is PaidViewPoint All About?

Paidviewpoint is a website that connects users to and with different companies for Market Research Surveys. When registering for this site, users are only permitted to have one account because the company is very strict.

The surveys vary in length and each varies in how much can be made from a particular survey. Users are notified of new and available surveys via email and then that gives them the opportunity to log on to the website and see how much they can make.


Is PaidViewPoint Legit


How to Make Money on PaidViewPoint?

Paidviewpoint is a site that allows users to take surveys and in return for providing their opinions, they can receive cash and or gift cards. The minimum payout for “cashing in” the account balance is Fifteen dollars.

If you choose to receive the cash, the money will be paid out via PayPal. So, you need to have a PayPal account. On the other hand, you may also request an Amazon e-gift card or a Walmart e-gift card instead. When requesting these rewards, there is a three-day period in which rewards will be processed.

The site also has different opportunities such as online surveys, mobile surveys, and what is known as the refer-a-friend program. The refer-a-friend program allows you to make money or a percentage for having friends sign up with the site.

How Much Money Can You Make on Paidviewpoint?

The earnings for taking surveys on Paidviewpoint averages between 3 cents and 10 cents. There may be and or are rare cases in which some surveys may pay one to two dollars. These surveys don’t pay billions of dollars. If you want to actually see income, it depends on the amount of work you do and or put into doing these simple things.

Since these surveys pay so little, this is not a definitive type of way to replace your current income and or salary because that would mean you would be setting yourself up for failure if you are trying to depend on this solely. As you may know from my other articles, I don’t recommend using survey sites because that is a very slow and useless way to make money online. Instead, I recommend going through this training to make a living online.

They advertise that you

Who Is PaidViewPoint For?

I believe users of the site must be at least 18 years of age to register for the site as most sites like this require.

Somebody wrote the following statements about this site:

This site is good for stay-at-home moms, stay-at-home dads, students and the like. It’s even good for retirees to have something to do. This is also a way to keep busy and it also gives you the opportunity and or opportunities to share information that may be considered valuable feedback and or helpful information.

There may also be times when a person may be bored, and this can help pass time if they love sitting in front of the computer and or staying on their cell phone for hours at a time.

I totally disagree. In my opinion, your time is much more valuable than answering surveys where you could earn only 3 or 10 cents or something like that. Please, don’t waste your time on this.

Pros & Cons


  • The site is free to join and get started making money right away
  • Payments made via PayPal within three days or 72 hours
  • You have the options of receiving the cash, Amazon or Walmart gift cards
  • When you join, you automatically get $1 credited to your account, which in turn leaves you fourteen dollars to make before you reach the minimum payment amount


  • The biggest con of them all is having to reach the fifteen dollar minimum before you can request a payment to be issued.
  • The surveys themselves pay mere pennies which may be very frustrating to users because of a number of questions that are being asked during surveys.
  • You have to use a telephone to verify your account information before you can receive the payout.
  • You are only allowed to participate in a number of studies monthly, which in turn will actually limit the amount of money you can make
  • It’s not possible to earn passive income by filling out online surveys

Conclusion – Is PaidViewPoint legit?

Yes, this site is legit. It is a sister site to the site Instant Survey Sweepstakes. Another reason this company is legit is that they give you contact information on their website in case the need arises to contact them. If you email them, you will usually get a response back within two business days. The other way to contact them is via phone.

Overall Rank: 30 out of 100. The reason I give this site such a rank is that it is very hard to make any kind of money due to the small amounts of a chance you get for completing each survey and because there is a limit on how many surveys you can complete in a month time which I believe is very unfair.

Based on what I’ve researched and found out, I wouldn’t recommend this site because it is excessively hard to even make a dollar from this site. Imagine how long it would take to reach the fifteen dollar limit with surveys ranging from 3 cents to 10 cents. You are never able to earn even $5/hour on these survey sites.

If you are interested in making even $10,000/month online, take a look at my #1 recommendation. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. You will need to do your own part and work hard but I know personally many people who have achieved to make a full-time income after going through that online business training. In addition, it’s completely free to get started.


What is your opinion about survey sites? Have you found better ways to earn money online? 

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


What Are the Best Survey Sites to Make Money Online? Check Out Our Top 8 List!

We have reviewed tens of different survey sites on YourOnlineRevenue.com. Some of those sites have been scams but some are legit. Today I am going to answer the question, “What Are the Best Survey Sites to Make Money Online?”

Before starting I would like to point out that I don’t personally recommend filling online surveys because there are much better ways to make money online. I know that you can make much more money online by doing other things than filling online surveys. But if you really have a deep desire to find good survey sites.What Are the Best Survey Sites to Make Money Online

There are several ways how you can make money on most of these survey sites:

  • Answering surveys and polls
  • Clicking ads
  • Visiting websites
  • Downloading mobile apps
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos

Even though there are many ways to make money honestly, the earning potential is very minimal. Anyway, here is a list of the best survey sites that we have found.



Prizerebel is our #1 recommendation of survey sites. They have more than 6,5 million members and the site has already paid +$10 million in cash and rewards. They have a very user-friendly and modern platform. There are also many “motivational” tricks on PrizeRebel that push you to earn more money with little tasks.


ClixSense is a very famous “Get-Paid-To” -site and they have paid probably the biggest amount of their members in rewards since February 2007.  There are more than 7,25 million members who have been paid more than $23,6 million in total.


Toluna is one of the oldest and probably the biggest survey site in the world with more than 10 million members. It’s founded already in 2000 in France by Frédéric-Charles Petit. Even though I used this survey site more than other ones, I can’t really recommend signing up because you can earn much better in Wealthy Affiliate.

4.Opinion Square

Another survey site where you can earn a little money by sharing your opinion. They have also a $100,000 Monthly “Your Opinion Matters” Sweepstakes gives you a chance to win $100,000 just for joining OpinionSquare through their instant win game. The only problem is that your chances of winning close to 0.


Definitely, a legit site to make pocket money online. Cashcrate has been founded already almost 11 years ago in 2006 and they offer many ways to make money online like ClixSense and PrizeRebel. You can earn some cents by watching videos or by playing games. But is it really worth it? Chasing for some cents is not worth your time.

6.Opinion World

A classical survey site which gathers customer’s feedback for companies. You can answer questions related to many different kinds of products like soda drinks, toilet paper, and cheese, for example. Then you can compare what kind of thoughts different brands like Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Pepsi come to your mind.

7.iGlobal Surveys

Another boring survey site. You will need to fill out the same information over and over again (which applies to all other sites on a blog post). Where are you living, how many people live in your household, when are you born, how much do you earn annually etc.


The main idea in this site is to earn money by clicking ads but there is also a possibility to fill out some surveys. If you think how much will you earn by clicking ads, I can instantly say that not very much. Your earnings start from $0,0006 per ad. Isn’t it ridiculous?

Why Are Online Surveys Not Worth It?

I have already discussed very much in detail on my other articles why online surveys are not worth it. My answer is clear: you should not waste your time answering online surveys. There are three main reasons for that:

1.You can earn much better money by doing other things. Learn more here.

2.You are providing only very little value with online surveys. A short lesson of the economy goes like this: You earn depending on the value that you bring to the marketplace. If you provide only a little value, you won’t earn much. And you are never able to earn a big value by answering surveys.

3.You are not learning new skills when answering surveys. One important values in my life are constant learning. When I was driving a taxi on the weekends during my University studies I saw many 50- and 60-year-old people who had clearly stopped learning in their life many decades ago. It may sound sad but that’s what it really is. I decided that I don’t want to be like one of them but instead I want to learn something new every day to become a better person. I recommend the same for you.

The Only Way to Make A Good Income with Survey Sites

I know that there is one way how some people have made hundreds and even thousands of dollars through survey sites. That way is not answering surveys. It is called affiliate marketing. It means that they are referring people to join to these survey sites. When people join and start answering surveys, they are earning a little commission for each survey.

I know that I could earn quite well by recommending these survey sites for my followers but it’s not ethical because I wouldn’t use them myself. With affiliate marketing, I can make money by recommending much more valuable and better products. Would you like to learn how you could do it as well?

I can offer you my 1-on-1 mentoring, 10 interactive video lessons and 2 FREE websites when you join Wealthy Affiliate. It is an online business community where you can learn how to make a living online. It requires work but it’s much better choice than answering surveys or clicking ads.


What do you think about online surveys? Have you tried or are you still using some of them? Leave a comment below!


Is Opinion Square a Scam? Find Out Here!

If you are looking for If Opinion Square is a Scam? Then this is the place that you need to be. You will get the information related to Opinion Square right here.

Fasten your seat belts and let’s go!

Opinion Square Review

Is Opinion Square a ScamName: Opinion Square
Website: www.OpinionSquare.com
Field: Get Paid To -Sites
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Online Scams are a big problem when it comes to earning some or a little money online by filling surveys or through surveys panels. There is a big or great fear of your Privacy because most of the Online Surveys tend to turn out as Scam. (5 Ways to avoid scams online)

People often fear them, making you not to Trust the websites that are offering you the chance to earn some money by filling out surveys. We will be reviewing Opinion Square for you so that you get to know everything about it and that you don’t get to surf all over the Internet just get a legitimate review about Opinion Square.

Opinion Square is a platform for those that want to earn some quick money in their spare time. You will get surveys and by filling or submitting them you get to earn a little. Opinion Square takes good care of their members and is one most highly worthy online survey websites found today but once again the question arises that Is Opinion Square a Scam or Is it Legitimate? Because one way or another this question has to be answered as People are seeking the Internet just to find out the answer to this question. Well, good for you, We are providing you with the answer. So, Let’s have an insight over what Opinion Square is.

Opinion Square Review

Opinion Square is a typical survey site where you can’t earn very much.

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What Is Opinion Square All About?

Opinion Square is an online platform that makes you earn money via filling out different surveys. So, You can make or earn some in your spare time. OpinionSquare has gone ahead in the race for the best survey websites as It gets much easy to lead when you have interesting surveys to fill out and appropriate compensations that the users of this website find it fancy. The high level of customer service of OpinionSquare has allowed or earned them to maintain an active membership family that presently exceeds 2 million. That’s a pretty big figure for an online survey website.

This website has clients both in the Business as well as with Media Organizations which helps them to understand how and what People search or the content that they search on the Internet by collecting their Information. So, this way they get an overview about the Searches of an Individual. Once you are a member of Opinion Square, you will be given a chance to participate in surveys on different topics such as Travel, Health Care, Automotive etc.

How to Start Making Money on Opinion Square?

Now, to get yourself working or to get yourself registered on Opinion Square, you must download and install their software which tracks and stores your daily use or your daily surfings on the Internet. This software isn’t spyware or anything else, although it sounds scary but There is nothing for you to be scared of. Another thing about their software which should work as a legitimate reason for you to use Opinion Square is that their software is registered in the Goodware Resource and Information Database or GRID.

Your Personal Information isn’t shared neither It is used for Marketing Purposes. This means and shows that their software is a verified and harmless software and doesn’t affect your computer in any way. So, This is a point that shows that the OpinionSquare is a legitimate one.

Let’s now talk about the Payments that Opinion Square has to give you when you fill up the Surveys or Survey Forms. Unfortunately, you won’t be having cash or money but rather than this, you will be earning what is called “Opinion Rewards” for every survey you complete or fill.

Opinion Square Scam

Big numbers try to fish more members

Cons of OpinionSquare

You know the Pros of the Opinion Square that you get to earn something or some money and that the website is a legitimate one which makes it a Scam Free website but Let’s now have a look at the Cons of the website.

No Cash Earnings – The factor that most of the members or the users of the website don’t like is that there are no Cash Earnings. You get to fill out the Surveys for Money but instead of Money you get something else that is the “OpinionSquare Rewards” and It can be a problem when you don’t like the Products they have at their store.

Program or Software Installation – Although the Software you have to install is something that you don’t have to fear about but Tracking everything that you search online is something that would always be roaming around your head and can be a headache for you.

Referral Program –  For each new member that joins the website just because of the reason that you referred it to him or her, you don’t get anything except another entry into a competition found there which is a just a waste of time nothing else.

So, these were some of the Cons that can be found with the usage of the website.

Conclusion – Is Opinion Square a Scam?

So, It all comes to the answer of the question that Is Opinion Square Scam or not? Well, Opinion Square isn’t a Scam, not at all. It’s a safe website that people benefit from and there won’t be a problem for you except for the Cons discussed above. The answer to your question that If Opinion Square is a Scam has been answered and you for sure will be thanking us for the great review.

If you have already read more our reviews about different survey sites, you already know that we are not recommending them if you are not able to earn good money from them. Even though you could earn something from Opinion Square, it will not make you very much. If you want to make more money online, we would recommend to take a look to our #1 recommendation.


Do you have experience of other survey sites? Did you like them? Leave a comment below!


Is PrizeRebel a Scam? – Definitely Not But…

A little while ago one of our readers mentioned that he likes using PrizeRebel and he has already earned $600 from that site. I promised him that I will take a closer look and make a review about PrizeRebel. I wanted to find it is PrizeRebel a scam or can you really make money out of it. I will reveal you what I found. But as a little spoiler, I can mention that this is probably the best GPT (get-paid-to) site that I have seen on the Internet. And I have seen tens of them.

PrizeRebel Review

Is PrizeRebel a ScamName: PrizeRebel
Website: www.PrizeRebel.com
Founded: 2007

Field: Survey Site
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

What Is PrizeRebel All About?

PrizeRebel is a website where you can earn money easily by completing little tasks like playing games, downloading apps, filling out surveys and so on. I will tell you about those tasks more in detail a bit later.

Maybe you have already heard about Toluna, CashCrate or ClixSense? They are all similar sites and we have made a review of all of them here in YourOnlineRevenue.com. Basically, you earn some pocket money by giving a little bit of your time.

But how our reader had earned already $600 or one guys on Youtube had already earned +$1600 from PrizeRebel? Are they just cheating? No, they are not cheating. You can earn even thousands of euros from PrizeRebel. But practically you can’t make a living from PrizeRebel. Of course, it can be one of your income streams but probably not the main one.

Here are some stats about PrizeRebel. Notice that it’s already a huge community with more than 6,5 million members. It is also one of the most reliable survey sites out there and it’s quite hard to find any negative reviews about it.

PrizeRebel Review

PrizeRebel Stats (24.12.2016 at 16:09)

Video About PrizeRebel

In this video, you can see some member explaining how PrizeRebel works, how much money you can make, how much he has earned and other things like that. Remember that one reason that he is recommending the service is that he earns some money from all referrals.

How to Earn Money (=Points) in PrizeRebel?

In PrizeRebel you get points for completing different tasks and 100 points is equivalent to $1. There are MANY different ways to earn those points and I will introduce you most common ways.

1.Answer Surveys

The classical way of earning money on this kind of sites is answering surveys. Different companies want information from their clients because then they can develop their products. They are ready to pay for people’s opinions.

There can be even some big brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other big names. Then they ask, for example, what things have you liked or disliked. What kind of images the name “Coca-Cola” brings to your mind. And then there are 7 options to choose from.

But this was just an example. Surveys can be about almost any product under the sky. There are so many different subjects covered that you can answer. In the picture below you can see that by completing that survey you can earn 85 points ($0,85).



You can also join a different kind of lotteries. There can be for example a text, “Join our lottery for free to get a $50 gift card.” Then you just fill your email, name, and other info and you have joined. At the same time, you earn some points which will equal to real money.

One reason why companies make this kind of lotteries is that when they collect emails, they can send ads of their products and services to get some new customers in the future.

3.Register to Some Website

You can also earn money by registering to new websites. Some websites or communities online want more members so they even pay for you for joining. If they get 10,000 new members through PrizeRebel, it’s quite probable that some of those new 10,000 members will end up buying something from them.

4.Download Mobile Apps

There are also many apps out there that you can download in order to earn money. Sometimes you don’t need even use it. Just download and you earn money. Easy money, huh? 😉

5.Play Games

Then you can earn make money by playing games on the computer or on your smartphone. Let’s say that you earn 10 points by downloading a game and then you earn 50 additional points when you have played the game for a while. You need, for example, reach level 5 in some game to earn those points or something similar.

6.Watch Videos

Make Money with PrizeRebel

You can earn 313 points ($3,13) by registering to a video site and by getting their 7-day free trial.

7.Get Referrals

This is the most profitable way of earning money on PrizeRebel or on any similar “Get Paid To” -site. You can earn hundreds or theoretically even thousands of dollars every month if you refer enough people to PrizeRebel and they start completing those mini tasks which I listed above.

In PrizeRebel you will earn 20-30% for everything that your referral earns. Let’s say, for example, that you join to PrizeRebel through this link and you make $100. Then I earn additional $20-30 depending on my level. Referral’s earnings don’t depend if somebody referred him or not. So if you are going to register PrizeRebel, I recommend using my links so you support my site by making us referrals.

In the beginning, you will earn 20% of that money that your referral has earned. But if you complete tasks yourself and earn more points, you will move up in the ladder and earn a bigger percentage. Here are levels in PrizeRebel:

PrizeRebel Referrals

The more points you earn, the higher you move up in levels.

8.Earn Daily Bonuses

If you reach some daily goals (earn a certain amount of points) then you can get some bonus points. And if you consistently keep on reaching those goals, you will earn lots of extra points = extra money.

These 8 ways to earn money are not the only ways. These are just examples of most common ways but there are also other tasks for sure. I believe that those 8 already have given you a good picture of making money in PrizeRebel. Now your next question is probably, “How much money can I earn with PrizeRebel?” It’s a very interesting subject and I will be answering and giving my opinion about it in the following chapter.

How Much Money Can You Earn With PrizeRebel?

You can earn thousands of dollars in PrizeRebel. They have already paid more than $10 million to their members over the years. That’s a big amount of money. But I want to tell you the truth that you will not be earning big money by completing those little tasks. That’s the reality. Earning money by playing games, downloading apps and watching videos may sound fun and easy but it’s a really slow way of earning money.

I have already talked on several articles are online surveys worth it and in my opinion they are not. I want you to use your life doing something more valuable because you have a great potential. Learn for example affiliate marketing in Wealthy Affiliate to create your own online business. Then you can provide a big value to people in this world and earn more money too if you want.

Let’s say that you earn 10 points ($0,10) by downloading one mobile app. Then you need to download 100 apps in order to earn even $10. First, you will be bored out during that process. It will take very much time and there probably won’t even be so many apps to download in PrizeRebel. But of course you can give it a try if you are still interested.

You can choose how the money will be paid for you. In my opinion, the easiest way is to get payments instantly to your PayPal account. But you can also take earnings as gift cards to Amazon or other big online stores.

Pros & Cons


  • Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Easy and Measurable goals
  • Many ways to earn money
  • Reliable and huge company


My Final Opinion of PrizeRebel

Even though PrizeRebel is probably the best “Get paid to” -site that I have ever seen, I still didn’t give it more than 70 points out of 100. Why? Because I know that there are much better ways to make money online than making those little tasks to earn pocket money.

Of course, you can join PrizeRebel and make your own conclusions but I don’t recommend using it for too much because it will take time from other important things in life. I know that I could earn lots of money by recommending all these survey sites. I know that you can make thousands of dollars with PrizeRebel. But I think that you have much greater potential than just completing little tasks in PrizeRebel. That’s my opinion :). What is yours?

PrizeRebel at a Glance…

Name: PrizeRebel
Website: www.PrizeRebel.com
Founded: 2007

Field: Survey Site
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100


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Have you used PrizeRebel or some other survey sites?

How much did you earn? What is your opinion about them?

Leave a comment below!


Is Toluna a Scam? – You Can Earn Some Money But…

Toluna is one of the largest paid survey sites. Still sometimes we hear the question, is Toluna a scam?

I have some own experience of Toluna so I can share what I have learned based on my own experience of Toluna. I have also read some other reviews to deepen my knowledge and to provide you the better information.

Does Toluna Really Pay? – Toluna Video Review

I decided to record you a video where I show a Toluna payment proof. I also explain why I still highly recommend staying away from their surveys. How would you compare 5€ (~$6) and $1,625 earnings?

Toluna Review

Name: Purium

Type: Survey Sites

Short Review: You can earn some money on Toluna but the rewards are extremely small like on any other survey site. I don’t use Toluna or online surveys anymore at all because they pay so little compared to better opportunities on the Internet.

Wealthy Affiliate has been a life-changing opportunity for me unlike Toluna. Their training and community helped me to make a living online, quit my 9-5 job and start traveling the world.

Is Toluna a Scam?

8,000,000 members in Toluna. Is it still a scam?

What Is Toluna and How Does It Work?

In Toluna, they pay you because you give them your opinion. You need to earn points and with the points you can buy vouchers or you can transfer the points into real money.

You can earn points from surveys, sponsored polls and write your opinions.

There are about 8 million registered members in Toluna so we can easily say that their service is HUGE. Still the size doesn’t guarantee that their service would be useful. What if many people are just wasting their time?

Usually, you can get 2 000- 5 000 points from one survey. 20 000 points equal to 5€ and 4 000 points equal to 1€. Their minimum cashout is 5€. Toluna is very similar to hundreds of other online survey sites. One of the most famous survey/get-paid-to sites are PrizeRebel, ClixSense and Swagbucks.

However, after reviewing more than 1,000 online survey sites I have come to a conclusion that online surveys aren’t worth it. More on this later. Keep on reading and I’ll show you a better way! 😉

Is Toluna a scam

In reality, the purpose of the surveys is to get value for the businesses

Earning Money On Toluna?

As we know Toluna is a huge community and service. We can say that it’s reliable and they are not fooling their 8 million members.

You can earn money by answering their surveys. And they have some lotteries where you can win some big money if you happen to be the lucky one.

If you spend some time in Toluna answering surveys and polls you really will earn some money but…

Toluna Points Conversion

Although it’s possible to earn some money in Toluna there are some drawbacks to taking into account.

Earning money in Toluna really takes time. If you want to earn 5€ you need to earn 20 000 points. In order to earn 20 000 points, you need to answer many surveys which will take a lot of time.

Let’s say for example that you answer 5 times a 4 000 points survey. One survey takes usually about 20-30 minutes. So 5 surveys will take about 100-150 minutes.

It would mean that you earned 5€ by using 100-150 minutes which is not so good but actually the situation is worse for at least two reasons.

  1. Many times there are no surveys available so you need to wait some days for the next one.
  2. If there is a survey available you may not be suitable for the survey. First, they ask you to answer some questions and decide if you can continue answering. If they let you continue, you can get the points. But many times they just say something like, “Thank you but you are not the person we are looking for this survey.”
Toluna Review

If you time is money, don’t use Toluna.

Toluna is marketing their service with the slogan, “Your time is money.” The idea is that if you give a little bit of your time to them, they will give you money.

The reality is that if your time is worth 1€/hour, Toluna could be good for you. But usually, your time is much more valuable than one sweaty euro per hour!

Who is Toluna for?

Toluna is for people who want to earn a little money by answering surveys and polls.

But honestly, it’s not for people who want to earn decent money online. For those who are interested in creating more reliable income source on the Internet, I recommend starting from Wealthy Affiliate.

Toluna Survey Review Conclusion – Is Toluna Worth It?

Back to the question “Is Toluna a Scam?” I can’t say it’s a scam because they keep their promises. They give you money for answering surveys. Even though you could earn some money from Toluna I can’t recommend it. It takes so much time to earn any money from Toluna so it’s not the worth invested time.

You must use many hours to earn 5€, then you go to buy one pizza and you just realized spending your valuable time. The better way to earn money online is to start an online business. It was a life-changing experience for me and I believe it could be interesting for you as well. You can make money by doing something you love.

=> Click Here to Earn 100x More Money Than You Ever Could on Toluna!

Do you have experiences of Toluna? Have you used the other survey sites to earn some money?

Did you also realize they weren’t worth it after finding better money-making opportunities online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


How to Make Money with Cashcrate? – It Is Easy Money But There Are More Profitable Options Out There!


How to make money with CashcrateName: Cashcrate
Website: www.cashcrate.com
Price: Free
Founded: 2006
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

Field: Surveys/Little tasks

What is Cashcrate All About?

Cashcrate is similar to other survey sites that we have reviewed here in YourOnlineRevenue.com. If you remember for example Clixsense, iGlobal Surveys or Toluna, Cashcrate is somehow similar. Or one of the very famous ones is Swagbucks but I haven’t reviewed it yet because it’s not working in my country Finland.

In Cashcrate you will need to finish some little tasks in order to earn extra dollars. Those tasks are:

  • Answering polls and surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Referring other people to join
  • Playing games
  • Buying products from online stores to get a cashback (similar to Swagbucks)

How Much Money Can You Make with Cashcrate?

This must be the greatest part but I have to disappoint you. Cashcrate is not a fast way to riches and to be honest, if you dedicate too much time to Cashcrate, you will never be rich at all. The best use of your time would be to concentrate on more profitable income streams.

You can see in a video below where one member shows how he is making money in Cashcrate. I don’t know how he made $20+ in less than 2 hours because in the video he is making $0,02 in 1 minute which equals to $2,40/2 hours…

Let’s say that your salary in a normal job would be $15/hour. You are making $0,25 every minute and $1 every 4 minutes (of course you need to pay taxes then but I just want to illustrate the idea). In Cashcrate and other survey sites it usually takes about 15-20 or sometimes much more time to make $1. So if your hourly salary is $15, you are earning easily 5 times better than with Cashcrate.

I would prefer to work for one hour for $15 and then have 4 hours free if the other option would be to work for 5 hours for Cashcrate surveys and then have 0 hours free. I don’t understand why people are wasting their valuable time on online surveys or aren’t they just using their brains?

Some Examples of Making Money in Cashcrate

Cashcrate review

Cashcrate tasks to earn cents

In the picture above you can see 4 applications that can make you money through Cashcrate. In order to earn 3 cents from Ali express or Gardenscapes apps or 28 cents from Hearthstone you just need to download and open the app. That will make you 34 cents in total.

Then if you want to earn 112 cents from Game of War, you need to install the app and play it until you reach Stronghold level 5. Let’s say that you finish all of those 4 tasks, you will be given 146 cents = $1,46. If you would be earning in your normal job $15/hour, you would make that money in 5-6 minutes. I don’t know exactly how much time it will take to install all those apps, open them and reach Stronghold level 5 in Game of war but I guess it will take at least 30 minutes or even an hour. Doesn’t sound very profitable?

cashcrate surveys

Cashcrate survey

You can see Cashcrate daily survey offer above. I took the survey because I wanted to know how much does it take to earn that $0,75. They first asked me some basic questions which took 2-3 minutes to answer. Then they led me to a survey. In the beginning of the survey, they said it would approximately take 15 minutes to finish. So I could finish about 4 that kind of surveys. That would make my hourly “salary” $0,75*4= $3/hour.

That doesn’t sound very profitable either. So I decided not to waste my valuable time on these Cashcrate surveys and tasks. I would rather concentrate on building my very own online business with the skills that I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

Cashcrate Referral System

Like in most of the survey sites, there’s a referral system also in Cashcrate (see the picture below).

Cashcrate referral system

When you get new people in, you earn up to 20% of what they make and even up to 10% of what their referrals make. You will also earn $3.00 bonus when your referral earns his/her first $10.00. If you keep on bringing new people in, you will move from Bronze level to Silver level and to Gold level etc.

Their referral system can be quite profitable for you if you get a lot of people in. But my philosophy in Your Online Revenue is that we don’t recommend people to join survey sites if it’s not really profitable for them. I don’t want to milk money from people by recommending them something that I wouldn’t like to use myself. I only recommend products that I use or could use myself. See our #1 recommendation!

Pros & Cons


  • Many ways to earn money
  • Free to use
  • Reliable 10-year-old company
  • Better than most similar sites
  • Cashback for products that you would buy anyway


  • Time consuming
  • Not possible to earn big money
  • Bad return for the invested time

My Final Opinion of Cashcrate

I must admit that Cashcrate can be better than many other survey sites. They have so many options to earn pennies that will keep their members somehow entertained. However, I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing because the members are just using their valuable life on answering some boring surveys or playing useless games. I don’t want a life like that.

If you want to make money online I would recommend you forget all survey sites now! They will only make your life boring and you will provide minimal value with your life.

Making money online requires that you provide some value for other people. Of course, “value” can mean thousand of different things. It can mean that you write your opinions to your blog and recommend some cool products. It can mean that you provide private coaching through Skype. It can mean that you provide entertaining videos on Youtube. The possibilities are nowadays limitless.

The problem is that many people lack skills to build their own online business. It may sound cool to earn $10,000/month online but then people don’t give it a try because 1.they don’t believe in it and 2.they don’t have skills.

I want to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate. It is probably biggest online business community in the world. It is totally free to join and you can get in touch with some very successful online businessmen who are already millionaires. Wealthy Affiliate provides also step by step training how you can build your very own online business from 0.

They have video tutorials, community mentors (“ambassadors”), live webinars, blog training, live chat and much more. The best part of it is that you can get started for free. Starter accounts $0 so you don’t need your credit card. I recommend you to give it a try today!

Cashcrate at a Glance…

Name: Cashcrate
Website: www.cashcrate.com
Price: Free
Founded: 2006
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

VERDICT: Not Recommended.

What is your opinion about Cashcrate and other survey sites?

Can you really make money with survey sites or are they just waste of your time?

Leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to follow up with an answer.


What is iGlobal Surveys? A Great Way to Make Money or Another Boring Survey Site?

One of our readers asked me an opinion about Iglobal Surveys. I didn’t have any personal experience of their service back then. I decided that I will make a review about Iglobal Surveys so all our readers know what it is .

Is it a quick way to make good money online or another boring survey site?

Let’s find out.

iGlobal Surveys Review

What is Iglobal Surveys

Name: iGlobal Surveys
Website: www.iglobalsurveys.com
Price: Free to join
Founded in: 2013
Field: Online Surveys

Overall Rank: 25 out of 100

What is iGlobal Surveys (IGS) All About?

iGlobal Surveys is another survey sites that gives you a little reward for giving your time and opinion on different products. It works with the same idea as other survey sites like Clixsense, Toluna and Opinion World.

Why does someone want to pay you for answering surveys?

Companies want feedback about their products so they could make their products better, brand them in a way that they want and increase the sales. Companies collect the feedback in different ways but one practical way are online surveys.

The company pays the consumer a little reward (for example $0,50) to give a feedback. Let’s say that they collect 100 opinions and pay $0,50 for the each one. It costs them $50 but they have got incredibly valuable information what clients really think about their products.

Many times the questions are also related to their brand so the companies will know how their branding is working.

iGlobal Surveys Review

The way to make money in IGS

Just like in most of the other survey sites, they have a referral system in IGS. So you can earn money by referring people to join. I will explain more about it further.

Examples of the Questions

In one survey, there can be tens or even hundreds of little questions. Here are some examples what kind of questions there can be:

Have you ever used the following products?

What kind of words comes to your mind when you think about Coca-Cola?

In the beginning of almost every survey you will need to fill personal information about yourself:

1.Where do you live?
2.How many people live in your house?
3.How much money do you earn annually?
4.What is your highest education?

After filling your personal information you will be either qualified to answer the whole survey or disqualified because you were not person they were looking for. If you are not qualified for the survey, naturally they won’t give you any reward.

You may imagine it can be to fill out the same personal information about yourself 5 times and get disqualified 5 times. It’s just a waste of your time.

How Much Money You Can Make in iGlobal Surveys?

Let’s be honest right away. Not very much.

For every survey you may earn like $1 but it will take 20 minutes to fill one survey. So if you would be able to fill three surveys in one hour you could earn $3. Compare how much you are earning in your 9-5 job. Probably 5-10 times more.

The problem with online surveys is that they don’t require any skills or real efforts. Anyone can do them without learning or education. Compare to normal jobs. Usually, you get paid more when you have better skills and you provide better value for the company.

A pilot who had just started is probably earning like $30,000/year while a pilot with 15 years of experience can earn up to $200,000/year or even more. When a pilot gets more experience, he earns more. But despite of your experience in online surveys you can’t earn more than $5/hour.

The reality is that most of us are not ready to sacrifice 20 years to become a $200,000/year earning pilot. But I am glad to tell you that your incomes can increase exponentially online.

In the last post I explained about 5 internet marketers who are earning +$10,000/month (=+$120,000/year). One of them achieved that income with only one year of experience. The other one with three years of experience but now the same guy is earning +$20,000/month which equals to $250,000/year. The potential to add your income online fast is way better than as a pilot.

Referral System in iGlobal Surveys

Iglobal Surveys Referral System

The picture explains how the referral system works in iGlobal Surveys

When you leave your link somewhere and someone registers through your link and completes a survey, you will get paid some commissions.

What is the iGlobal Surveys

You will be paid $0,50 for the each survey that your referral completes. In my opinion, it’s quite good.

The picture above how many referrals would you need to earn certain amount of money. Then if we go further 500 referrals who complete 5 surveys a month = $15,000/year. You could live a luxurious life with that money in China! (at least some kind of luxury 😉

But there is one little problem. Completing surveys take so much time that it’s not recommended. So if it’s not recommended to join, why would you refer anyone? Well, if someone is living in a country where $2/hour is a good salary then he could consider filling these surveys and make referral income for you.

But if you are earning $10/hour or more in any job, answering surveys should be totally out of a question.

iGlobal Surveys Complaints

When I read a few reviews about IGS I saw that at least one website owner was suffering from the slow loading time. He said also that iGlobalSurveys.com page was down for several days some time ago.

When I tried iGlobal Surveys the website worked well most of the time but I must admit that the loading time was sometimes bigger than normally.

One reason why you can’t find many complaints of iGlobal Surveys yet is that they don’t have so many users as in the bigger survey sites and their company is also relatively new.

Pros & Cons


  • You can earn money by giving your feedback for companies
  • Referral system makes it possible to earn more


  • Very time consuming
  • Boring
  • Can’t increase your income
  • You need to leave your personal information many times

Better Alternatives to Make Money Online

As you found out above I am not a big fan of online surveys because of the low earning potential. But if you are anyway interested in filling online surveys I would recommend Clixsense or Toluna.

They are probably the biggest one out there with about 15 million users in total. There are also other ways to earn money on those sites, like paying ads and playing little games.

But if  you are wise, you stay far away from online surveys and look for the better ways to make money online.

My recommendation is affiliate marketing because it’s simple, anyone can learn it and there is very high earning potential.

In a nutshell, it works like this:

1.You build a website (it’s possible in 30 seconds nowadays -> learn how!)
2.You get traffic to your website (Learn how to get traffic)
3.Visitors click your links and you make money.

This is a simplified 3 step formula to affiliate marketing online. If you are willing to learn the details I recommend to join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. (Please, put your credit card away!)

iGlobal Surveys at a Glance…

Name: iGlobal Surveys
Website: www.iglobalsurveys.com
Price: Free to join
Field: Online Surveys
Overall Rank: 25 out of 100

VERDICT: Not Recommended. Learn a better way.

I believe you found this review explains you well what is iGlobal Surveys and is it a good way to make money or not. If you liked it, don’t hesitate to share it on social media.

Do you have personal experience of iGlobal Surveys or other survey sites? What is your opinion?


Opinion World Review. The Same Story in the Different Covers!

Opinion World ReviewName: Opinion World
Website: www.opinionworld.com
Price: Free
Field: Surveys
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

What Is Opinion World All About?

As you may guess from the name of the company, this website is all about the surveys. “Share your opinions in the surveys and we pay you the little reward.”

In practice, you are earning a certain amount of points for the each survey you accomplish. When you have enough points you can transfer them into money.

You have probably heard the same story in many other survey sites. Some of them are scams like for example Ipoll. And some of them are legit like Clixsense and Toluna.

Millions and millions of people are using Toluna (over 8 million members) and Clixsense (over 6 million members). I don’t know the exact amount of the members in Opinion World but I can guess that they have hundreds of thousands (if not millions) members.

Wait for the Surveys…

After registering, you can answer a couple of surveys right away to earn some points. But then you must wait that the new surveys open. There are not surveys available all the time.

They will send you an email once a week on average to inform you about the new surveys suitable for you.

If you would like to answer for the surveys without waiting for the new ones to open, you should register to several survey sites and find the available surveys from each of the sites.

The problem is that it takes the time to always log in, log out, look for the surveys, fill in the personal information and so on. Many times, after submitting your personal information, they just say “You were not suitable for this survey. Wait for the new one.”

Opinion World Reviews

Useless surveys take too much time.

Who is Opinion World For?

Like the other survey sites, this is made for the people who want to earn some little money by answering surveys.

If I am honest, the survey sites are made for the people who lack the real direction in life. They don’t have clear goals in life, so they spend their valuable time on the surveys that are paying them $2/hour.

I bet that your hour is more valuable than two measly bucks?

Why Can’t I Recommend Opinion World?

I could recommend you to join to the survey sites because it would be financially beneficial for me. I would earn the commissions for the each member and the referrals would buy something it would be even better for me.

But I don’t want to be selfish and recommend something that I wouldn’t use myself.

I am being totally honest with you and recommend you only the products that are really beneficial for you.

I know that you would earn some money in Opinion World but you would end up spending hours to make that money. I can’t recommend you to use 2 or 3 hours to earn five dollars!

I know that many people, even the successful online entrepreneurs, are doing that on the Internet. They praise many different survey sites in order to get lots of referrals. Once many people join, they have multiple income streams from the multiple sites.

However, the other side of the coin is that many people are spending their time (and life) on answering the surveys that only benefit the companies.

My purpose of the Opinion World review is to reveal you the truth behind these survey sites and give you some better options to make money online.

Opinion World Review

Instead of answering surveys, I recommend going to a real work or starting affiliate marketing online.

Reason 2 why I can’t recommend it…

is that you are not learning anything by answering the surveys. Learning and developing is one of my values. I always want to learn something new and I believe that we should never stop learning.

By answering surveys, the only thing that you are learning is probably how the surveys are made. If your passion is to make surveys, then you probably can get new ideas by answering many surveys.

But if you are not very interested in using your life to learn how surveys are made, I would recommend forgetting the survey sites.

Use your time to be with your family, learn to play the instrument, learn a new language, learn business skills, learn something that will be valuable for you.

In addition, if your primary focus is to make money, survey sites are not for you. I have a better option for you that I will show you later.

Pros & Cons


  • Seems reliable
  • Big provider
  • Offers many different languages


  • Takes too much time
  • Too little reward
  • You don’t learn anything new
  • Low-income limit

 The Better Option to Make Money Online

If you want to make the real income online you should immediately forget the survey sites. They will not give you what you are looking for.

If you are looking for $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000/month income online I can say it’s impossible with the surveys but totally possible with affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t need your own products because you can make all the income by promoting other people’s products. You don’t actually need to sell anything but just say your personal opinion.

In the other words, you can recommend what you like yourself and make the full-time income.

If you don’t have former experience of affiliate marketing, don’t worry, anyone can learn all the skills. If you have former experience, then this is even better! You can boost your sales with this awesome opportunity.

Wealthy Affiliate is the training platform that teaches you everything right from the start how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

It’s also the huge community of affiliate marketers where you can ask any questions from the professional affiliate marketers (who are earning $10,000 or even $20,000/month).

The best of all is that it’s totally free to join!

Start earning the full-time income with affiliate marketing in Wealthy Affiliate!

Opinion World at a Glance…

Name: Opinion World
Overall Rank: 
20 out of 100

VERDICT: Not Recommended.

I hope you have found the Opinion World Review useful. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

Don’t forget to share the post in the social media :).