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Nordnet Bank Review – Great Service with Low Cost!

Today we are I am going to give you my personal review on my #1 recommendation for a brokerage firm.

If you want low costs, fast and reliable service and easy platform, then you may want to hear more about Nordnet Bank. I will also bust some myths about investing.

What is Nordnet Bank?

Nordnet Bank AB is a Nordic online bank and stock broker that provides service in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The company is founded in Sweden in 1996 and today it’s biggest brokerage firm in Nordic countries. Nowadays they have more than 500,000 clients.

Nordnet Bank Review

Nordnet Logo

Is Investing Risky? That’s What I Thought Before.

“Poor people think that saving money is wise and investing is risky. But rich people think that investing is wise and saving is risky.” -Robert Kiyosaki

I thought before that investing is risky, it’s only for greedy people and that I shouldn’t be doing that. Then I talked with one of my good friends, read several books, blog articles and teaching videos about investing. I realized that my beliefs were false.

Investing is actually a good way to maintain your money and earn more. It’s not rocket-science but simple things that anyone can learn. Of course, there are many strategies for stock market investing but anyone can be profitable by buying and holding a well-diversified portfolio. If you don’t have a lot of  capital, you can buy funds for 15€/month which will give you a diversified portfolio right away.

Buy and hold a reliable fund for 15€/month and you are already a profitable investor. It won’t make you rich but the more money you have, the more you will earn. Take all the ups and downs and in the long run, you will be profitable. That’s what 200-300 years of history have taught us. Stock index goes always eventually up, up and up. Check the image below!

Nordnet Review

Dow Jones Index from 100 Past Years.

The picture above illustrates you how much index goes up all the time. It has some downs during the years but over the time course, the trend is always up. That’s the reason why rich people think investing is wise! 😉

Why Nordnet?

There are many brokerage firms and banks out there where you could buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investing products. When I was looking for a right one I was most interested in the companies that have low fees.

I saw that some banks take fees even for keeping your stocks. Some had lower prices when trading stocks and some had higher. Then I found Nordnet.

Their buying/selling fees are low, they don’t have any fees for maintaining the stocks and in addition, they have some funds with 0% administrative fees. Normally funds have 1,5-3% administrative fees which eventually take a big part of your profits but a fund with 0% fees is amazing.

Why have they that kind of fund?

Superfunds in Nordnet

Nordnet’s so-called “SuperFunds” take 0€ administrative fees. You read right. 0€. 0%. Zero!

They are not earning anything with that fund but the idea behind it is to get more clients. They believe that people will eventually their other service which will bring money in. With those funds, they are actually losing some money but they have calculated that it’s profitable for them because many clients buy their other products.

For example, I bought only shares of Superfunds in the beginning but after a while ended up buying other stocks which benefit Nordnet because they earn some administrative fees.

There are 4 Superfunds:

  • Finland’s Superfund
  • Norway’s Superfund
  • Sweden’s Superfund
  • Denmark’s Superfund

All funds make up a well-diversified portfolio. For example, Finland’s Superfund consists of the biggest companies from Finland: Sampo, Kone, Nokia, UPM-Kymmene etc. Superfunds are literally GREAT!

Prices in Nordnet

As I mentioned before, they don’t take any monthly fees for maintaining your money.

Trading fees depend on how much you have been trading in the last month. The lowest level is 0,06%/Min.3€ and the highest level is 0,20%/Min.9€. It means that in the lowest level you have to pay at least 3 euros per trade or 0,06% per trade.

Nordnet Bank Review

Nordnet’s trading fees in Finland

As you can see, the more you trade, the lower price you will have. Even though you wouldn’t trade a lot of fees are not very high. With 0 trades/month, your trading fee is 0,20%/Min.9€. I don’t trade stocks almost at all because I use “buy and hold” -strategy and I am satisfied with Nordnet’s prices.

Prices are a little different depending on which country you are buying and selling stocks but you will find all their prices on their website.

Nordnet’s Investing Training

Nordnet provides many kinds of training that teaches you some principles about investing to the stock market. They have blogs, podcasts, expert articles, and webinars.

I have used all of their content and it has been mostly very informative. Some expert articles can give good insights even for very experienced investors. But be aware that all their thoughts are just opinions and you must never 100% rely on someone’s opinion. You make investment choices. You take the responsibility.

Their webinars teach for example following subjects

  • How compound interest works
  • What do different numbers (e.g. P/e) mean
  • How much tax you must pay
  • How to get started
  • and much more.

My Final Opinion on Nordnet

If you live in Nordic countries and you are interested in investing, I can recommend Nordnet for you based on my own experiences. I have never had any problems with their website, customer service or with anything.

Let the money work for you. Create an account to Nordnet!

Investing seems to be a wise way to maintain money against inflation and to earn more without much effort. The more you learn, the more you earn. That’s usually how it goes with investing. But if you want to invest, you need some money to get started. You can’t start investing with 0€.

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