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Online Business vs Offline Business – Which one do you prefer?

Online Business vs Offline Business

New world, New Opportunities.

Business is simple. Someone has a need and you will fill that need. Someone wants to buy something that you sell it. Today we are going to compare Online Business vs. Offline Business!

If we go back in time 30 years (or 20 years), there wasn’t such an opportunity like the online business. The business happened mainly in the physical world.

But the Internet has brought a lot of new possibilities.

What are the similarities and the differences between Online Business vs. Offline Business? Which one would be a better choice for you?

Let’s find out together!

Similarities – No Shortcuts

Some people think that online business is something like, ”Click, click, click, push enter and $10,000 will come to your bank account every month.”

The reality is that such “formula” just doesn’t work. Probably some people have such kind of image about online business because there are so many scams out there (Check 5 Incredible Tips to Avoid Online Scams).

In online and offline business you will need to work, work and work. There is no shortcut to success. You will need to get customers and (if you don’t luckily already have 10 million followers in social media) it will take some time to attract the customers. Then it’s really possible to make $10,000/month as these 5 guys.

You will need to do marketing and you need to have a good product to sell. One option also has to have a business by selling other people’s products.

In business, it’s always vital to think how to improve your service regardless your business happens in the offline and online world. At some point, you just need to start and take a leap of faith.

Differences – The Limits and the Freedom

Offline business happens in a physical world and online business happens on the internet. It means that both of them have certain advantages and disadvantages. The Internet makes a lot of things easier than in the physical world.

Still for example Massage, manicure or pedicure will hardly happen in the online world. But it doesn’t mean the internet would be useless in that kind of businesses. The proper use of the online world can dramatically boost any those offline businesses.

Or let’s imagine that you own the kindergarten. You can’t move it magically from the United States to Canada in one day. If you have the responsibilities there and you need to work in the kindergarten you can’t take a one-month trip to Asia.

On the other hand, if you have an online business promoting or selling children’s clothes you can do it in the United States, Canada, Asia, Africa or literally anywhere where you can find the Internet connection.

Online Business vs Offline Business

Online business can give you a lot of freedom

In the other words

Online business makes constant traveling anywhere you want possible.

But of course, it depends on a little bit what kind of online business you are doing. If you need a warehouse for your products it’s hard to take a whole warehouse with if you are traveling around.

But for example, affiliate marketing can be done without any kind of warehouse. Everything you need is the laptop and the Internet connection.

Risks – Financial Risks are Minimal in the Online Business!

Do you know how many times people fail on average before they quit? The average is less than one. Because most of the people don’t even start.

Probably those people are afraid of the risks. When we are talking about the business there is always some kind of risks.

But most of the time the financial risks are way smaller in the online world.

Most of the online businesses can be started with about $100 of money (or you can start for free in Wealthy Affiliate) but many times in the physical world you need to rent an office and buy a lot of stuff before the business hasn’t even started.

In the online business, you can start for free. Get a free domain and start affiliate marketing. The only risk is the loss of time. But the loss of time sounds very much smaller risk than using $3,000/month for the rent and the employee in your beauty salon.


There are advantages in both, online and offline business. But being online releases usually much higher potential with the lower risk.

Listen what the richest man in the world said,

If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” –Bill gates

Even if you would have an offline business, basic online skills can highly boost your profit.

I prefer the online business because of its flexibility, low risks, and huge potential.

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