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Is Niche Profit Full Control a Scam? – Adam Short Promises You 7-Figure Income Every Year But the Reality Can Be Different…

Is Niche Profit Full Control a Scam? This is the question that everyone should ask themselves before buying this program. I have written this ultimately honest and unbiased review so that you could get good information about this product. Then you can decide if you want to buy it or not.

I am not an affiliate of this program and I don’t earn any money from Niche Profit Full Control. I know that there are lots of positive reviews about this programs just because they want to earn lots of commissions out of their affiliate program. As always in our reviews, we concentrate on 100% honesty.

Niche Profit Full Control Review

is Niche Profit Full Control a scamName: Niche Profit Full Control
Website: www.NicheProfitFullControl.com
Founders: Adam Short
Price: $1497 one-time payment or 3 payments of $597
Field: Affiliate Marketing Training Programs

Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Niche Profit Full Control?

Niche Profit Full Control (NPFC) is an affiliate marketing training program. It means that they teach how you can create websites, get visitors, promote products and earn a commission. Affiliate marketing has become a very popular way to make money online because you don’t need any own products.

Adam promises you guarantees results with his affiliate marketing training. His speeches are quite convincing and he is for sure a very successful marketer. As he shows in his sales video, he is living with a big house and has a lot of money. In my opinion, the money isn’t as important as honesty and other important qualities.

Adam teaches good principles on how to make money with affiliate marketing but there are a few things that I dislike in his program. But first of all, you can have a look at the video what one former member of NPFC liked their program. I admit that this video is quite one-sided but it gives you good words of warning. You shouldn’t believe everything that Adam promises.

Niche Profit Full Control Training

Their training is divided into 8 modules which are supposed to cover everything you need in order to succeed online. Their modules are:

1.Niche Selection
2.ASM Setup and Deployment
3.Products & Funnels
4.Sales Pages & Product Launch
5.Traffic Ramp Up
6.Profit Maximization
7.Content Mastery
8.Solidifying Your Long-Term Success

I can say from my own experience in affiliate marketing that these steps look very good and relevant. Those topics cover pretty much everything one needs to know to create a successful online business.

NPFC has also a forum where their members can share experiences, ask questions and chat about everything. This is definitely a positive side in this program.

Even though their program teaches important things, it always requires hard work and persistence to succeed with affiliate marketing. It never comes automatically and you may end up losing lots of money if you don’t know what you are doing (like you heard in that Youtube video above).

Niche Profit Full Control Cost

The pricing of this program is probably one of the biggest downsides. NPFC costs $1,497 if you pay at once or if you pay in three times it costs 3*$597 = $1,791. The price of this program is huge. If this program could make you passive income, then it may be a reasonable choice to buy it. But there are no guarantees.

Of course, it makes lots of money for the founder because he doesn’t need to sell so many products to make a profit. Let’s imagine that his product would cost $37,5. Then he would need to sell his products for 20 times to get even the same result that he is getting right now.

The high price of the product also motivates many new affiliate marketers to join his affiliate program. He pays a huge $750 commission per sale. I am maybe leaving some money on the table because I am not providing an affiliate link here to this program but I rather recommend something that I know is worth it.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and you can get their first-month premium membership for $19. In addition, they have much more tools to build a successful online business including domain hosting, keyword tool, live chat with other online entrepreneurs and much more.

Who is Niche Profit Full Control For?

In my opinion, this training is for them who have so much extra money that they are willing to buy even a bit too expensive system to get new ideas for affiliate marketing. But if you don’t want to use too much money to get started, try my #1 recommendation.

Pros & Cons


  • Adam is a successful marketer himself and he can share some good principles
  • Training gives you lots of tools to succeed
  • They have a member’s forum
  • They offer free material


  • The product is highly overpriced
  • Adam gives a huge promises which may not be true
  • There are much cheaper and better alternatives available
  • You may end up using much more than $1,497 by using methods that Adam teaches in the training
  • Some negative reviews on the Internet

Conclusion – Is Niche Profit Full Control a Scam?

Adam Short’s training is not a scam but, in my opinion, he is charging too high price. You can get many great affiliate marketing training programs online for a much cheaper price. However, some of those training are based on monthly membership where you may end up spending even more than with NPFC.

In addition, if you buy this training, you will not spend only $1,497 for the training but also much more for FB-advertising and other methods that are not cheap. After all, you may spend thousands of dollars without spending any money. That’s the reality many times with building a business. You need to spend money to make money.

Of course, you can do everything yourself and keep the costs very small but investing money keeps the ball rolling much faster. If you want to invest money in your online business success, I recommend having a look at Wealthy Affiliate membership. You don’t need to invest a single dollar if you don’t want because they offer also +12 hours of interactive training for FREE.


Niche Profit Full Control at a Glance…

Name: Niche Profit Full Control
Website: www.NicheProfitFullControl.com
Founders: Adam Short
Price: $1497 one-time payment or 3 payments of $597
Field: Affiliate Marketing Training Programs
Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100


What do you think about Niche Profit Full Control? Have you tried other affiliate marketing training? Which one has been your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂