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Is Endless Xpressions a Scam? No, It’s Not But…

Endless Xpressions Review – Is Endless Xpressions a Scam?

Name: Endless XpressionsEndless Xpressions
Website: www.endlessxpressions.com
Price: Around $49 to get started
Founder: Kristine Street

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation. 98 Out of 100)

What is Endless Xpressions?

Endless Xpressions is an MLM company that is selling women’s products. They have several different products which include

  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Handbags
  • Coloring books
  • Footwear
  • And more products are coming (even some men’s products)

Endless Xpressions differs from many other MLM companies that I have reviewed because they have some useful products (unlike Elite Marketing Pro, Phoenix Power Rising, and many others).

Their products are not ultimately expensive and this opportunity seems much better than most of the MLM systems.

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How to make money in Endless Xpressions?

Making money in Endless Xpressions is simple (but not easy!).

There are two ways

1.Direct Selling

In Endless Xpressions, you will earn 30% commission for all the products that you sell. If you sell, for example, a bracelet for $10, you will make $3.

When you sell ten bracelets for $100, you earn $30.

NOTE: You Need to make at least one sale per month to continue with Endless Xpressions.

2.Commissions from Downlines

Like in all of the MLM systems, you can also earn commissions from your downlines.

In this system, you will receive 5% on your first level of downline and 3% for the second tier.

Let’s say for example that the person you invited sells the products for $100. Then you will earn $5 as commissions.

The more people you invite and the more they sell, the more you will earn.

A positive side in Endless Xpressions is that the reward system is quite simple. You don’t need to learn complicated systems how to earn from the sixth downline like in some other MLM systems.

Endless Xpressions commissions

Earn money from the downlines (Click the Image to make it large)

Who is Endless Xpressions For?

Endless Xpressions is mainly targeted for the women. Of course, men can also join the system and make money, but most of the products are targeted for women.

If you believe that you have excellent sales skills or if you are willing to learn, you can try it.

First, you can explore their products on their website. If you are not into women’s clothes, jewelry, and other related products, I think that this is not for you. But if you are using that kind of products yourself this could be one option to make money.

But remember that earning money in Endless Xpressions requires lots of work and selling.

Endless Xpressions is quite a new company (founded in 2014), so people don’t automatically trust them as much as the older and bigger companies like Amazon and Ebay.

3 Ways to Getting Started

You don’t need to pay millions to get started. There are three options: Basic Kit, Middle Kit, and Full Kit.

I will explain they mean and what you will get with each of these kits.

1.Basic Kit.

Basic Kit the cheapest way to get started, only $10. But in this kit, you only get the website and not any products that you could sell. According to my logic, you are forced to start from the second or the third one to make some real money.

2.Middle Kit

If you start with the Middle Kit, you will be given the website and products to sell. The cost of the Middle Kit is $49. Not too expensive if you compare to many other MLM systems where your monthly fee can be even $200.

is Endless Xpressions a scam or legit

3.Full Kit

If you want to get the fastest start with Endless Xpressions, Full Kit is for you. It costs $99 and you will get the website, products to sell and other materials to help you to get started.

If you start in Endless Xpressions I would recommend starting with the Middle Kit or the Full Kit because with the basic package you get only the website but not the products.

Is There a Comprehensive Training in Endless Xpressions?

To the question if they have any training in Endless Xpressions, they have answered:

“Yes, we have a Corporate Facebook group designed to help representatives, share graphics, documents, training, announcements and more! We also will be holding corporate training calls and offering more training tips in the future.”

In reality, it means that their FB-group equals more or less to their “training.”

To succeed in MLM business, you need to become a good salesperson. You will need to sell lots of products or convert many people to join the system and earn money when they make sales.

If you don’t have much prior experience of selling it can be quite challenging. I know that you can learn anything you want, but I just want to make clear that any MLM system is not a fast way to riches.

One drawback in Endless Xpressions is that they don’t provide comprehensive training on how to sell the products more efficiently.

There are some resources to help you to get started but probably, not enough for the beginners.

For the beginners, the idea goes like this: we throw you into the sea and let’s see if you can swim (=sell). Most people sink (=end their business), but some persistent learners manage to learn without the excellent training.

Products in Endless Xpressions

Do you know why I don’t like most of the MLMs?

The products are overpriced! If you go to the local store, you can find an entirely similar product for $5 while MLM system is selling it for $50. They are selling ordinary stuff with the luxury prices.

I was surprised that the prices in Endless Xpressions are not so high. You can find the products for entirely reasonable prices.

There are no handbags for $100 or $200. Of course, some are more expensive than the others, but that is just natural.

is Endless Xpressions a scam

Some examples of their products (click the image to make it larger)

Pros & Cons


  • Useful Products
  • Not very expensive
  • Simple compensation plan
  • Reliable system


  • No comprehensive training
  • You don’t own your business (MLM system)
  • Probably very challenging without prior experience of selling

My Final Opinion of Endless Xpressions

Endless Xpressions is not a scam, and it surprised me positively. After reviewing many of the MLM scams, I was expecting something worse, but after researching their system I found out that it’s not so bad at all.

Still, Endless Xpressions is not a way to easy money, and you need to be ready to sell a lot.

I believe it could be quite challenging to earn a full-time income with Endless Xpressions but selling their products as a hobby can be an option.

I prefer affiliate marketing because the potential to earn passive income is much higher, and I can sell whatever products I want. In other words, I don’t need to have own products.

There is also a step by step training on how to get started in affiliate marketing and I believe it’s easier for the beginner that “jumping to the sea” with MLM system.

If you are interested in learning to make money online you can start the training for free today.

Endless Xpressions at a Glance…

Name: Endless Xpressions
Website: www.endlessxpressions.com
Price: Around $49 to get started
Founder: Kristine Street
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

VERDICT: OK system but not the easiest way to make money.

I hope you find this review useful and it helps you to decide whether or not to try Endless Xpressions.

Do you have experience with Endless Xpressions or with the other MLM systems?

Leave the questions and the comments below and I will be more than happy to respond.


Pure Leverage System Review – Does It Really Leverage your Business?

Pure Leverage System Review – Does It Really Leverage your Business?

Is Pure Leverage a scamName: Pure Leverage
Website: www.pureleverage.com
Price:  $24.95/mth + Upsells
Owners: Joel Therien
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

Pure Leverage System Overview

Pure Leverage is a company launched in 2012. It is a part of Global Ventures Opportunity (GVO) which is also founded by Joel Therien.

At the first glance, Pure Leverage system seems to provide useful tools and training. But the closer look into the program showed me that their programs are another MLM scheme.

In the other words, you can make money by joining their MLM system and inviting other people to join. They provide you the all-in-one system which covers Elite coaching, autoresponder (for emails), web presence and the other tools.

But unfortunately, the main purpose of all these products is to sell their own program (and make more money to Joel Therien).

Pure Leverage System Review

All this covered in their system.

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How Does Their Referral Program Work?

Pure Leverage has their own referral program which plays the big part of the income that you could earn with their system.

In a nutshell, you will earn 100% of the first month from your referral and 50% of the following months when your referral pays the monthly fee.

Here is the video from Pure Leverage’s Youtube channel where they explain how the referral system works.

Pure Leverage -> Build Your List…

“Build your list, build your freedom.”

Pure leverage has tools and training that teaches you to build an email list. They have so-called Elite coaching program.

Then they teach you to set up a 1-page website where you can collect emails to build your own list.

As you have your list you can start sending them emails and market your (Pure Leverage) products.

How to Get the Traffic?

The hardest part in building a list is always to get traffic to your website. It’s easy to build the list if you get 100,000 visitors come to your website but how to start getting that traffic?

There are two main ways to get the traffic on the Internet: organically from the search engines or from the social media.

I made the little search about Pure Leverage in Youtube and I found a bunch of guys praising their system. Well, it’s just natural in these MLM schemes. Remember, that they will earn 100% commission when someone joins.

Pure Leverage doesn’t give you comprehensive step-by-step training on how to get traffic to your website from Google and the other search engines.

I believe that you can get some new ideas for marketing from their program but their training is not the best for the beginners.

Pure Leverage system review

Be ready for the upsells!

Pure Leverage System Pricing $24,95/month but…

As mentioned before, you can get started in their program by paying only $24,95/month. That’s not much because in some of these MLM-systems you will need to pay $150/month to get started or even more.

But as we know in most of this kind of systems there are tons of upsells.

In Pure leverage system’s upsells include:

  • Take Massive Action – $97 one-time payment. Video series from successful MLM-marketers. Promises to teach you to succeed with the MLM systems too.
  • Smart Marketing Coaching – $47/month. This program that teaches you how to market Pure Leverage system more effectively.
  • I.P Syndicate Center – $97/month. By joining this program you will be able to earn bigger commissions than before.
  • GotBackup – $7.99/month to 12.99/month.
  • Online Marketing Masters Workshop – $497 one-time payment.
  • Freedom Live 2014 Las Vegas – $197 one-time payment.

Quite a massive list. What do you think?

If you would buy all of their products that make $180/month + $791 one-time payment. In the other words, your first year would cost about $3,000. That’s expensive!

They may change their upsell products over the time course. Still, the company with that kind of huge upsell list doesn’t really appeal me.

What Bothers Me in Their Marketing?

As I keep on watching their sales videos and the website it becomes clear that they are marketing the dream.

The dream of becoming free of working. Lay on the beach and enjoy while cash is flowing to your pocket’s. Okay, that’s a great dream and it’s certainly possible but do remember that you need to work hard in order to get it.

Don’t believe if Pure Leverage or any other scam claims to give you the easy-button to passive income.

They don’t describe their products in a great detail but they just keep on telling how awesome it will be when you gain your financial freedom.

If their products really are so good why they don’t spend some more time explaining how they work instead of their “dream-talks”

Pure Leverage System review

Pros & Cons


  • Lower price than in the most MLM schemes
  • Some training provided


  • Many Upsells
  • The training and the tools are targeted to sell Pure Leverage, not to build a real business.
  • To get the real training you need to buy their expensive other products
  • Markets the fast button to the financial independence
  • Many members of the program are talking good about it only to get more referral sales

My Final Opinion of Pure Leverage System

In my opinion, Pure Leverage system is just another MLM scheme that mainly makes the founder rich. These MLM systems always market their “magical” tools and training but the main purpose of the training is to sell their own product.

Pure Leverage is not as bad as many other scams because it still provides some training and trick for marketing. Still, not worth the invested time and money.

Instead of building some other’s business I prefer to build my own online business. Then you will get the freedom that Pure Leverage is also talking about.

-> Start step by step training to build your own online business today!

Pure Leverage System at a Glance…

Name: Pure Leverage
Website: www.pureleverage.com
Price:  $24.95/mth + Upsells
Owners: Joel Therien
Overall Rank: 25 out of 100

VERDICT: Not Recommended

I hope this Pure Leverage System review helps you to save a big amount of money from your pocket.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I am more than happy to respond you within 24 hours.


Is My Lead System Pro a Scam or Legit? – Can 100,000 Persons Be Wrong..?

My Lead System Pro Review – Is My Lead System Pro a Scam or Legit?

Name: Niche FlipperIs MLSP a scam
Website: www.mlmleadsystempro.com
Price: $49.97/month or $149.97/month + Upsells
Owners: Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz & Todd Schlomer
Overall Rank: 15 out of 100

Is My Lead System Pro a Scam, What Is It All About?

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is a Multi-level marketing (MLM) training program founded by three guys  in 2008.

The program is designed for the people who are already part of MLM system selling their own products. The goal of MLSP is to boost your sales and take your business to the next level.

Probably someone has tried to invite you or you are just interested in making money with MLSP.

I will give you my honest review about their program so you can decide if it’s worth the invested time and money.

MLSP Tools & Training

MLSP promises to give you tons of tools to boost your income. The list is impressive what you will get when you join their program and start paying the monthly fee.

But the reality is that most of their “magic tools” can be summarized in one word, training.

They give webinars, e-books, video lessons and so on. Okay, that sounds somehow cool because at least I am interested in investing in my own education.

Still, their education seems mainly lead to one point: promote their products to get the affiliate sales.

The idea goes like this,

1.You buy their product for $150/month.
2.You invite your friend to join (to get your expensive monthly fees covered)
3.Your  friend tries to invite someone to get his own monthly fees covered
4.He invites another person to get his fees covered.

5.The cycle continues on and on. The one who joins the last will lose big money.

Of course, their training teaches you something more but the main focus is in recruiting new members to join this system to make more money for the founders.

=> Build a Business Where You Don’t Need to Invite Anyone to Join!

The Other Ways to Earn Money in MLSP

There are 4 ways to earn money in MLSP: (in their own words)


(Click the image to make it larger)

1.Product Revenue = Sell MLSP products and earn commissions.

2.Continuity Revenue = Ask other people to join MLSP. You will earn $100/month for every member you that you refer to MLSP Mastery.

3.High-Ticket Revenue = Sell high-priced products to earn +$1,000 per transaction.

4.MLM / Biz Opp Revenue = Make money with the other MLM program where you have already joined.

Having 4 income streams sounds appealing but 1-3 means in plain English, “Sell MLSP products!

And the point 4 is just there whether you join their program or not. You will anyway have the income from the other MLM programs despite you join their program or not.

Who is Is My Lead System Pro For?

MLSP is being marketed as a training tool for the people who have their own MLM products to sell and it would help you to make more sales.

But in my eyes, MLSP just seems another MLM system where you will recruit more and more people to join their program.

You will earn lots of money if you succeed to invite many people to join but I wouldn’t like to milk money from the people with their ultimately expensive product.

Here is the video which explains to you how the referral system works in MLSP.
More referrals = more income. Doesn’t it sound like a typical MLM system?

MLSP Community

My Lead System Pro Review

There are almost 100,000 members in MLSP.

One thing that I initially liked in their program was that they have a big community which is always a good sign in any program. Because when you have community’s support you won’t be left on your own.

But after researching their system more I realized the main reason why their community is so huge.

People who have joined their program are, of course, willing to talk good about MLSP because new members mean more income for them!

I don’t know how they have counted 100,009 members but probably a big part of that number have just tried their free trial and quit after that.

Pricing in MLSP

is My Lead System Pro a scam

Two membership options in MLSP

When we talk about the price we get to the main reason why I don’t recommend their program. As you can see above, they have two options:

1.MLSP Mastery

2.MLSP University

Both of the systems are quite similar but in MLSP Mastery, you have the much bigger potential to earn income for the referrals.

You can quickly count that $149,97 x 12 makes $1,800/year. Sounds like a super expensive training!

That’s not the only problem in their pricing.

They will have several upsells after joining. I don’t know how many different products they are trying to sell nowadays but in the past they had even 17 different upsell products!

Pros & Cons


  • Teaches some selling techniques
  • Provides the help of the community


  • A lot of hype
  • Tons of upsells
  • Very expensive
  • The same information can be found for free
  • Lots of complaints about the program on the Internet

My Final Opinion of My Lead System Pro

Is My Lead System Pro a Scam or Legit? I believe that you can learn some nuggets of information with MLSP training but in my opinion, it’s way too expensive. You can get the same knowledge just by making a couple of Google searches and watching high-quality Youtube videos.

In general, I don’t like MLM because many times it just makes the founders rich and you poor.

Instead, I prefer building the stable online business where I can be my own boss without trying to sell shady MLM training.

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My Lead System Pro at a Glance…

Name: My Lead System Pro
Website: www.mlmleadsystempro.com
Price: $49.97/month or $149.97/month
Owners: Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz & Todd Schlomer
Overall Rank: 15 out of 100

VERDICT: Not Recommended.

I hope this review helps you to save a big amount of money from your pocket. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I am more than happy to respond you within 24 hours.

If you liked this review share it on social media so we can warn other people from joining this super expensive program.