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Is Lotto Destroyer A Scam? Find Out the Truth!

Would you like to take your family for a two-week vacation to Hawaii? Would you like to buy a big colonial-style house in a quiet and safe neighborhood? There’s also the best school district in the region. This is what you could do after buying this system. Or at least that’s what the founder promises. Is it true or not? Let’s found out is Lotto Destroyer a scam!

Lotto Destroyer Review

Lotto Destroyer ReviewName: Lotto Destroyer
Website: www.Lotto-Destroyer.org
Price: $147
Field: Lotto Systems

What Is Lotto Destroyer?

Lotto Destroyer is another lotto software that promises to give you big wins in the lotto. The founder is a computer guru who knows everything about programming and hacking lotto systems. Or at least, that’s more or less what they are saying to you…

The founder of this system starts explaining his system like so many other programs. He tells a dramatic story of his own life when he won big money in lotto 5 times in a row. Then some people almost wanted to kill him because they thought that this guy was cheating. He said that he wasn’t cheating but he had created a proven system to beat lotto.

We have already talked in the other articles if it’s possible to beat a lottery or not. I would say that never use your money on lotto systems that promise make you big money easily. Never.

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But now I am going to explain why Lotto Destroyer is a scam. It all starts with their timer:

is lotto destroyer a scam

The countdown on Lotto Destroyer -home page

I am not sure how long that timer has been exactly on their page but I would say that very long time. And it always showing that a page will disappear forever in 2 hours or less. Well, maybe these lotto gurus have a different viewpoint of time…

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Fake Testimonials

On Lotto Destroyer sales page they have several testimonials of people who have used Lotto Destroyer. I was curious if those testimonials are real or not so I made a little research.

Lottery Destroyer Review

1.Fake Testimonial

On the left side, you can see one picture from their testimonials. He is Daniel B who claims winning 5 times $3,000 or more during the last three months with this lotto system.

Unfortunately, the truth is that his name is not Daniel B. and he probably hasn’t won $3,000 with this system. I found that this guy’s real name is Steve Stafford and he has been once in a news. The owner of Lottery Destroyer has taken his picture from the news and created the story himself!

Let’s take a look to another testimonial.

Lotto Destroyer scam

Is he really Kevin R from Chicago? Probably not.

Above you can see the picture of Kevin R. He says that he has been winning around $21,000 per month on average after starting to use Lotto Destroyer. Did you know what I found out? Take a look at the picture below.

Lottery destroyer

Kevin’s picture was taken from Shutterstock-picture database where he is posing with a coupon. I have seen this same happening with other scam products too. They are taking pictures from Shutterstock or another similar database. Then they create a fake story and tell how much this person has earned. It’s so sad how stupid things people do for money because it’s totally possible to earn big money online, honestly.

What Is the Price of Lotto Destroyer?

Their program is also extremely expensive. $147 for a lotto system that doesn’t work is ridiculous. Most lotto scams cost something between $20-100 but this one is even more expensive. “This must be more valuable”, some people may think. Well, high price doesn’t always guarantee good value  ;).

What About 60-Days Money Back Guarantee?

On Lotto Destroyer’s website, they are promising a 60-Days Money Back Guarantee. That sounds quite good because then you could try their system and if it doesn’t work you could get every dollar back. But are they really going to return the money? Have a look what some members are saying after buying this system:

“I want my money back. I can’t afford this and there is no phone number….”


“They need to get reported.”

There are 3 comments from people who have some experience of this system. It seems that they are not very satisfied. What do you think? It also seems that Lotto Destroyer is not very likely going to give your money back if you end up buying their scam program.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to Spot That It’s a Scam


  • Fake Testimonials
  • Fake Promises
  • Expensive Program
  • No Money Back Guarantee

Conclusion – Is Lotto Destroyer A Scam? 

Definitely yes. Don’t buy this program because it would be a total waste of your money. I know that there is a better use for your money than using it for scam products.

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Lotto Destroyer at a Glance…

Name: Lotto Destroyer
Website: www.Lotto-Destroyer.org
Price: $147
Field: Lotto Systems

Overall ranking: 2 out of 100


Have you tried Lotto Destroyer or some other lotto system?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂