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NiceQuest Review – $15 Per Hour from Online Surveys. True Or False?

Welcome to our NiceQuest review!

Today we will offer you a little bit different kind of article. One of our freelance writers has made a research of NiceQuest. But his opinions about it are totally different than mine. As you may already know, I (Roope) don’t recommend survey sites because there are much better ways to make online.

As you may already know, I (Roope) don’t recommend survey sites because there are much better ways to make online. After reviewing more than 60 survey sites, I haven’t found a single one that would be worth it.

However, I have found some other very profitable ways to make money online. You can have a look at my #1 recommendation. That service has helped many people to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and have a full-time income online.

Anyway, in this review, you will find what the freelancer thought about this and two other survey sites. Then there are my comments added so you can make your own conclusion.

I hope you will enjoy!

NiceQuest Review

nicequest reviewName: NiceQuest
Website: www.NiceQuest.com
Field: Survey Sites

Overall Rank: 50 Out of 1000 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

Introduction – What Are Online Survey Websites?

These websites take your opinions and in return offer you rewards. They do so by selling your precious opinions to different companies. The information they gather is sent to organizations to help them enhance their items and services. So, this is how they do pay you rewards. NiceQuest is also one of them and it is 100% legit and free to join the site. You can join NiceQuest now free of cost and make your first profit within 2 or 3 minutes.

Comment from Roope: In my opinion, online surveys are not worth it.

What Is NiceQuest?

NiceQuest is an online survey website where anyone can earn some money by completing surveys. Once you completed a survey you will be given NiceQuest currency called ”shells” and you can exchange them for different prizes, gifts and other products.

nicequest review

NiceQuest is a typical online survey website

How to earn money with NiceQuest?

NiceQuest gives you money when you finish an overview. When you will first register with the NiceQuest you will be given a registration bonus of 40 shells and with just one survey after login, you will have total 46 shells in your account. The great thing is that you can redeem a 5$ Fodango gift card with these 45 shells. It means that you only need some minutes to get this 5$ gift card.

Comment from Roope: I prefer hunting $10,000/month online income rather than $5 gift cards.

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How Much Money Can You Earn from NiceQuest?

NiceQuest pays you more than most of the review website but to be honest the genuine issue is they don’t send enough surveys to get a straight income. The great thing about NiceQuest is that you will directly get surveys in your inbox. So you will be notified when surveys are available.

Comment from Roope: It also means that there are not surveys available all the time.

Is NiceQuest a Scam Or Legit?

NiceQuest is 100% legit and completely registered website.The owner of this site is from Spain and website is located in the United States. As they have a great reputation and payout rates, we cannot say it is a scam website. It is fully protected and secure to work website.

nicequest review

NiceQuest Rewards

Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look what are advantages and disadvantages of this website.


1.If you are not eligible for a survey? no problem because you will get some shells for your precious time.

2.When overviews are accessible,y ou will directly be notified in your email inbox so keep patience and wait for the message.

3.There is no need to login constantly in order to find surveys.

4.They have high payout rates.

5.There is a sign up bonus for you of 40 shells.

6.The minimum payout is only $7. They have IOS and Android application as well for the mobile users that makes site more simple for users.


1.There is no referral program, invitemeans you cannot get any benefinvitingfriends.

2.There are not enough overviews available to earn you straight income.3 You can join

3.You can join Nicequest only by invitation not directly.


Comment from Roope: I agree that this kind of website is an easy and fast way to make money online. But the downside is that your payout will be ultimately small in the long run. If you can earn even $20 per month, you could be more than happy.

Imagine, even while working in McDonald’s you could earn $20 in a few hours while with NiceQuest you should spend the whole month.

How to start earning with NiceQuest?

It is very much simple and easy process to get a start with NiceQquest.Here is the step by step guide to register with NiceQuest.

Registration: In order to register for free Nicequest account you will have to go www.nicequest.comand complete your registration form by giving your details including name, email, date of birth etc.After entering your basics you will have to approve your account by the confirmation link they have sent you in your inbox. Once you confirmed your account, they will give you signup bonus of 40 shells immediately.

Complete surveys and earn Shells: -After signing in to your account you will get the first overview quickly and when you complete your survey the NiceQuest rewards you 6shells.From the very first survey, NiceQuest gets to know about you and I recommend you to give honest opinions so that you can get more surveys in a month.keep

Patience: After completing an overview we will have to wait for the next possible survey for us and you don’t need to sign in again and again in order to check surveys because NiceQuest will obviously inform you by directly sending an email when there will be a survey for you. So I recommend you to keep patience as much as you can because there is no way to be rich immediately, in fact, you will have to work hard and keep patience.Earn free

Earn free prizes: As you will get 40 shells from NiceQuest as a bonus and 6 shells as a reward after completing an overview, can exchange 45 of them to get a 5$ gift card and if you want to get other prizes then you will have to wait for other surveys.In NiceQuest you can get prizes like electronics, cosmetics and much more.

Comment from Roope: Okay, making money with reviews is easy. But it’s also very slow. Tens of people have said to me that they wasted many hours for just a few bucks filling out online surveys. But gladly, they learned their lesson and don’t fall into them anymore.

Then our freelance writer also collected two other services that could be interesting ways to make money.

Similar services like NiceQuest:

1. Vindale Research

Vindale Research begins off awesome as they give free $2 once you signup, confirm your profile and last finish your profile by filling out personal information. You can gain between $10 – $15 every Hour with this on the web survey website. The reviews are by and large speedy, making it a simple approach to win some additional money.

The reviews are by and large speedy, making it a simple approach to win some additional money.i adore this website because there are particular overviews that we can take numerous times each day. In case you’re searching for a review site with plenty of surveys accessible, this may be it.

Remember, here we can gain at a better than average, because here is a great deal of low-paying overviews too. Simply adhere to the lucrative ones and proceed onward once these are finished. While these reviews are inconceivably decent, don’t anticipate that them will come regularly. Vindale Research is better than NiceQuest.

2. Point Club

This is my most loved online survey site beacuse it has an awsome cashout limit. It is so simple to win $10 – $15 every hour honestly.

You get a $5 bonus just for sign up bonus it has a framework that rewards visit overview takers. For each 5 successive days that you sign in, you increment your profit by 10%. You can continue expanding this sum until you achieve the most extreme reward of 100%.You have to sign in each day for the increment purpose. Remember that it’s with this reward with which i do expand my profit at around $15 every hour.

Overviews are generally short and are regularly more intriguing than most survey destinations.

Comment from Roope: I highly doubt that you could earn $10-15/hour by filling out surveys on Vindale Research or Point Club. I have seen +60 survey sites and usually, none of them pay more than $3-5/hour. I will make a research on both services and publish reviews afterwards.


Summa Summarum

You may see positive reviews of online survey sites on the Internet but in my opinion it usually tells these things:

1.The writer doesn’t know better ways to earn money/spend time. Many writers promote survey sites just because they don’t know about something better.

2.The writer wants to earn commissions by referring you to join that website. I have seen even very successful website owners doing this. They promote services that are not so good and they wouldn’t even like to use themselves. The only reason they do it is because they will earn commissions when you join the service.

What do you think?

If the earning potential through survey sites is maximum $5/hour and with Wealthy Affiliate $10,000-20,000/month, which one would you choose?

Let me know in the comments below!