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Is Neobux Worth It? – Are You Ready for an Honest Answer?

Did you find this famous website called Neobux? You saw that some people are making money there and now you are thinking, “Is Neobux Worth It?” In this article, I will tell you why it’s not worth it. I will also give you a better alternative how you can start making money online.

Let’s go, my friend!

NeoBux Review

Is NeoBux Worth It

Name: Neobux

Founded: 2008

Field: “Get-Paid-To” -Sites

Short Review: Neobux falls in the same category with other GPT sites. Low earnings for the invested time => Not worth the hassle. For example, with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, you would be able to earn 50-100 times more compared to Neobux.

Neobux Video Review 2017

If you prefer watching a video instead of reading, feel free to take a look at my Neobux video review below:


What Is NeoBux All About?

Neobux is a website where you can earn money by completing “mini-jobs” and by clicking ads. It is a huge company which was founded in 2008. They are paying every day tens of thousands (sometimes even +$100,000) for their members for completing those tasks. Probably you have already heard about some similar sites where you can earn money with mini-tasks.

Mni tasks in Neobux mean for example following things:

  • Playing games
  • Clicking Ads
  • Registering to websites
  • Visiting different websites

The list is quite similar like in PrizeRebel which is probably one of the best “Get-Paid-To” -site online.

Who is Neobux For?

Neobux is for people who don’t know a better way to make money online. Okay, you  can earn some money with Neobux but that is not definitely something that you would like to use your time

Even though you could make some money in Neobux, is it really worth it? Do you want to spend your time watching useless ads? Your time = your life. How you spend your time defines how you spend your life. That’s why I always want to recommend doing something useful and more profitable.

Neobux Review

“Multiply your earnings.” Don’t believe those marketers.

How Much Money Can I make with Neobux?

You will be earning only $0,001 for clicking normal ads and $0,015 for a bit longer ads. Those amounts are ridiculous but you can earn a bit more with referrals. Then your income will also rise when you climb up the ladder after clicking hundreds of ads.

neobux ads

Neobux pays only $0,001 for viewing these ads.

In order to earn with those ads, you need to:

1.First, log into Neobux.
2.Go to “Advertisements” -page
3.Click an ad
4.Wait for that an ad downloads. The income of this 4-step process is $0,001. Do you still think Neobux would be worth it?

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Neobux Revenue – $0,001 Per Task

From games and registrations to different websites, you can earn more than $0,001 but still not anything very decent.

There was a guy who claims he made already +$10,000 in Neobux. He is probably one of the top earners there. There were also some guys who had made a few thousand or a few hundred dollars. I don’t know these guys so I can’t confirm whether they are talking true or not.

However, I know several guys personally who do make +$10,000/month online.

Those numbers may sound impressing “just for clicking ads”. But I can see behind the surface. There are two options how you could make, for example, $1,000 with Neobux.

1.You are sitting in front of his computer endless hours clicking those ads.
2.You have a huge number of referrals and you earn some commission from all of them.

Option 2 is much more probable because nobody wants to sit the whole day clicking some ads. Especially if you are earning something like $0,001 per ad.

How Does the Referral System Work in Neobux?

It’s typical. You recommend NeoBux to your friends or followers. Then some of them join. When they earn something, you earn a little commission for all of their income. Sounds good at first but when you would need hundreds of referrals to get hardly any income. If some of your referrals pay a regular ad, you will earn only $0.0005. Your referrals would need to watch 2,000 ads in total in order to earn even one dollar for you.

Then if your referrals watch a longer ad, you will earn a bit more. It also depends on which level you are in Neobux. You can also earn a commission if your referrals buy some products through Neobux. Your commission is still quite small because it’s only 1%. In the biggest online store Amazon, your commission for every sale is 4-10%. So why would you prefer taking 1% from Neobux? Well, at least it’s better than nothing.

In Neobux you can also rent referrals. It means that you pay some amount for another member for getting income from his referral. This can be a good strategy if you would like to earn money in Neobux but I will explain now why I don’t recommend doing it.

neobux referral system

In order to make any significant money with Neobux, you would need to recruit tons of people to the system. In that sense, it resembles systems like PlanProMatrix and other GPT-sites.

Neobux Reviews Recommend Buying Referrals But…

If you have watched some other YouTube videos or reviews of Neobux, you may have seen that some people recommend aggressively renting referrals to maximize your income. Should you start doing it as well?

The simple answer is: No.

I have made reviews of tens of different survey- and “get-paid-to” -sites. I know that if I would be recommending those sites for my readers, I would be earning big income because of my referrals. But there is one reason why I don’t want to do that.

I want to provide only the best and the most honest advice for my readers. If I wouldn’t use my time clicking ads or answering surveys, I don’t recommend it for other people either. I only recommend something that I could use myself.

Why would you recommend something for other people that you wouldn’t even bother to use yourself? In my opinion, it doesn’t really make sense. Of course, it would allow you to earn passive income but the problem is that other people would be wasting their time and life on Neobux

Conclusion – Is Neobux Worth It?

In my opinion, Neobux is not worth it. There are far better ways to make money online. I admit that with a good strategy of collecting referrals one can earn a decent income in Neobux. But it requires a very hard work and eventually, it’s not worth it. It could be worth for you but not for your referrals who are clicking those ads and wasting their life.


Neobux Alternatives

I bet you are interested in making money online because you are researching Neobux. I have good news for you!

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Do you have personal experience of Neobux? Did you find it useful why/why not?

What do you think about “Get-Paid-To” -sites in general? 

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂