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Is InstaGC a Scam? – 942,400+ Gift Cards Redeemed to Amazon and Other Online Stores But…

InstaGC has been around already for 6 years and they have paid millions of dollars for their members. Members have already redeemed 942,400+ gift cards to Amazon and other online stores through their website. Is InstaGC a Scam or does it provide a real value for your time?

Let’s find out.

I have researched more than 60 similar services in the same industry so I can say I have a good experience how this kind of website works.

InstaGC Review

Name: InstaGC
Website: www.InstaGC.com
Founded: 2011
Field: Get Paid to Sites

Overall Rank: 50 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is InstaGC?

InstaGC is a typical get paid to a site where you will earn points by accomplishing little tasks like watching videos, downloading apps and answering surveys. When you have enough points you can exchange them for cash or gift cards. In InstaGC 100 points equal to $1.

Here is a video where I will show you how it looks inside InstaGC member’s area. I will also tell you whether their service is worth. In the end of the video, I show the service that I use to make money online.

How to Earn Points on InstaGC?

In order to earn cash and rewards, you need to earn points. Here is a screenshot from their homepage that gives you an idea how you can get points. We will get more into detail later but have a look at this picture first.

is instagc a scam

4 ways to earn rewards on InstaGC.

They say that you can “Earn points for things you already do online” and then they show you, for example, completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online and searching the web. That’s partially true but in my opinion, it’s a bit misleading marketing.

You will only earn points if you do the things that they want you to do. Let’s say that I watch prank videos on YouTube or search for ways to make a living online. Can I earn money on their website by doing those things? No, I can’t. Because I am forced to “work for them” and do the things that they want me to do.

Let’s take some examples how long it would take to earn $10 through InstaGC.

1.Completing Surveys:

It will take around 20 minutes to accomplish 85 points ($0,85) surveys. It means that you need to fill out 12 this kind of surveys before reaching $10 mark. It takes 20 min * 12 = 240 minutes = 4 hours. So, in theory, you could earn $2,5/per hour by completing surveys.

However, our calculation is quite optimistic. If your internet connection or computer is not fast, it can take much more time to go through the survey. Another thing is that they won’t probably offer 12 surveys right away. Third, it will take the time to move from one survey to another.

And the last but not least, many times you are disqualified from surveys after using 10 minutes answering them. All in all, I would say that online surveys are not worth it.

2.Other Ways

Online surveys are usually the most profitable way of earning money through sites like InstaGC. If it doesn’t pay off, other ways will hardly make even the same.

Visiting websites and watching videos may sound easy but usually, you’ll earn only a few cents for each task.

I think I made my point clear. 🙂

But I have great news for you. There are much better ways to earn money online and I can provide you a free training how I and other people do it. You will get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 high-quality websites for completely free to get started.

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InstaGC Problems

I tried to sign up and log in to InstaGC while I am now living in Austria (originally I’m from Finland). They said that you need to connect the account immediately with your PayPal account or otherwise they don’t allow me to use their services in my country.

I thought that no problem, I just connect my PayPal account.

Well, it wasn’t that easy.

is instagc a scam

I received this text after trying to start out with InstaGC.

So, I sent them a message to solve this situation. They answered to my first request quickly which was a positive surprise. At the moment I am waiting for their response for my other message.

UPDATE: I received an answer later and was able to use InstaGC. However, I didn’t want to waste more time on their service as I mentioned in the video.

It seems that other members have also experienced similar problems with their service. Have a look at these InstaGC complaints.

is instagc a scam

Daren didn’t get his money yet and was a bit frustrated with InstaGC support.

One thing inside InstaGC is that they are trying to refer you to join into other get paid to sites. I think they are doing it because then they can earn some commission for each member that they have referred to other websites. Some members are becoming frustrated of their action.

is instagc a scam

Vernon became frustrated with InstaGC.


 Let’s summarize the pros and cons of InstaGC.

Pros & Cons


  • They pay also in cash.
  • You can cash out immediately (Minimum cash out is only $1 for Amazon gift cards. For cash, the minimum is $5.)
  • They have already been around since 2011 which is quite good but not as much as bigger sites like PrizeRebel.
  • Works also well on a smartphone


  • The earning potential is very low like in other get paid to sites
  • You may end up wasting too much of your valuable time (and life) if you don’t pay attention
  • You can’t earn passive income by accomplishing their offers. The only way is by referring other people to their website which is actually called affiliate marketing
  • You may have some difficulties to get started if you are not living in the U.S.
  • They are leading you to other survey sites which can feel a bit frustrating.

is instagc a scamA Screenshot from InstaGC homepage.

Conclusion – Is InstaGC a Scam?

To be honest, I think that there are three kinds of people using services like InstaGC.

1.People who don’t value their life and time.

2.People who don’t know about better ways to earn money (online).

3.People who are trying to fool you that you could earn well through InstaGC because they want to earn money through referrals.

I know that may sound a bit rude but it’s the truth.

Even though InstaGC is probably one of the best and most profitable get paid to sites it’s still far from some real ways to earn money online.

A Better Alternative – How I Make Money Online?

Your earning potential online can be limitless. The idea is that you create income streams that bring you money whether you are working or not. First, you make one stream, then the second, then the third one and so on until you have reached a full-time income.

When you have a full-time income you can, for example, quit your job and go to travel the world, spend time with your kids or build even more income streams to become a millionaire.

That sounds easy and the process is very simple but it still requires work. The process goes like this:

1.Choose your passion/interest. What do you like doing? What are you interested in? What inspires you? It can be almost anything between the Earth and sky.

2.Create a website about your passion. (It’s possible nowadays in 30 seconds with these step-by-step instructions.)

3.Get visitors through Google and social medias. There are more than 3,5 billion searches on Google every day and +1,2 trillion searches every year. In addition, these numbers are rapidly rising. So, even by getting a very small part of that traffic, you can already earn a full-time income.

4.Earn commission by leaving links to products that you like. What are the products that you could recommend for your visitors? Are you playing tennis and you like the racket that you have? Do you have a guitar that other people should have? Whatever it is, you can earn money by leaving a link to Amazon and you will earn a commission when people buy it or another product.

What do you think about the process?

If you want to learn it more in detail, I can offer you 20 free interactive video lessons and 2 high-quality websites in Wealthy Affiliate. Their training walks you through everything you need to know in order to create a full-time income online.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

InstaGC at a Glance…

Name: InstaGC
Website: www.InstaGC.com
Founded: 2011
Field: Get Paid to Sites

Overall Rank: 50 Out of 100


What do you think about InstaGC?

Do you also concentrate on much more profitable ways of making money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂