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Is Guru a Scam? – More than $200 MILLION paid to their members!

More than 1 million members.

More than 1,5 million jobs completed.

More than $200 MILLION paid to their members.

Is Guru a scam or a reliable way to hire freelancers or work as a freelancer? Read our honest review to find out!

Guru Freelance Review

is guru a scamName: Guru
Website: www.Guru.com
Founded: 1997
Field: Freelancing Websites

Overall Rank: 20 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Guru Freelance?

Guru is a website where you can find & hire freelancers from all around the world. The service is already founded in 1997 so they have been in the industry for a respectable 20 years!

In Guru you can find freelancers to work for you for almost anything:

  • Design, Art & Multimedia
  • Web, Software & IT
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Writing & Translation
  • And more

On the other hand, if you are a freelancer, you could use it as a way of finding new clients.


After reading and researching about Guru.com, I can’t recommend it for my visitors. There are way too many negative reviews and bad experiences. I will explain more thoroughly when you read further.

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is guru a scam

Guru Homepage. 1,5 Million members worldwide is a huge number. How did they achieve it?

How Does Guru Work?

The idea of Guru is to connect freelancers and small business owners. Others are looking for freelancing job while others are looking for talented people to do the work for them. The platform is a connector between those two parties.

So, the idea is the same like in Fiverr, HireWriters, Upwork, and Freelancer. However, the execution doesn’t work so well in Guru.

As a freelancer, you can post jobs to show what kind of work you can do for other people. Let me show an example:

is guru a scam

This freelancer called VideoExpertz is offering video animations.

Then as a buyer, you can publish a job that freelancers can see. You describe what kind of work you need to get done, give a few details and a category.

Freelancers can start bidding and you will choose the best one. Then you will start the cooperation and things go happily ever after. Or maybe not… Have a look what kind of reviews ex-members are writing of Guru.

Guru Reviews

There are hundreds of reviews of Guru all around on the Internet. Some of them are positive but the majority of people were greatly unsatisfied with their service. Let’s take a look what kind of average rating Guru gets from different review sites.

  • Sitejabber Rating: 1,8 out of 5 – ‎56 reviews
  • FitSmallBusiness Rating: Less than 2 out of 5 – 24 reviews.
  • TrustPilot Rating: 3,6 out of 10 – 12 reviews

What do you think about those numbers? They look somehow similar to the other scammy freelancing website called Freelancer. On the other hand, Fiverr for example has achieved much better ratings.

It’s interesting that almost anywhere you look, you find mostly negative reviews of Guru. In Sitejabber there were 56 reviews in total. Guess how many of them gave the worst rating 1 out of 5? 48 people. And only one person gave 5 out of 5. Probably he was someone from Guru staff? 😉

Guru Complaints

Now you may be wondering what kind of complaints people have about Guru.

is guru a scam

A typical complaint of Guru: Lots of scammers there.

You can find tens of similar reviews what Ian has written above. He warns you of fraudulent “gurus” on that website. Then he also mentions that Guru support will not help you and you will lose money when a problem arises.

It seems that if a freelancer steals your money, Guru support will just say something like, “Please, contact your freelancer and try to negotiate with him. (Read: this is not our business).” It’s devastating how bad service they have.

Let’s have a look at another complaint.

is guru a scam

“A safe haven for fraudulent developers.” 

Jorge pointed out that Guru.com is a safe haven for fraudulent freelancers. The problem is that you need to pay them in advance before they have even started working. Then they can just say, “I have started working and I will deliver you the work ASAP.” When a deadline comes near they say, “I am almost ready, just wait a second.”

Then deadline passes and they just disappear with your money. What can you do then? Contact Guru support. They ask you to contact the freelancer. But how can you contact the freelancer if he has disappeared like a fart in the Sahara desert?

Pros & Cons


  • The idea of connecting freelancers and small business owners is great


  • Tons of negative reviews on the Internet
  • You need to pay freelancers in advance. => They get your money even though they wouldn’t finish the work
  • There are many better alternatives out there.
  • Many freelancers in Guru are highly skilled in scamming buyers

Conclusion – Is Guru a Scam?

Guru itself may not be a scam but at least their website is full of scam artists. I don’t recommend trying their services. You will just save money and time by staying far away from Guru.

If you are looking for great freelancing site, have a look at Fiverr, HireWriters (for writing) or Toptal (for top-class freelancing).

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

Guru at a Glance…

Name: Guru
Website: www.Guru.com
Founded: 1997
Field: Freelancing Websites

Overall Rank: 20 Out of 100


Do you have experiences of Guru or other freelancing websites?

What is your favorite way of earning money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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