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How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter? Check Out Two Great Options!

Twitter is one of the biggest and the most powerful social media platforms on the Internet. It’s one of my favorite places to promote my online business because it’s so simple and effective. Today I am going to share how to schedule tweets on Twitter.

But first, I want to share a couple of words why it can be ultimately beneficial to schedule your tweets.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Why Schedule Your Tweets?

1.Scheduling Gives You Freedom.

Think about a situation where you would need to be ready to make a tweet at 7.30, 12.30, 17.07, 19.05 and 21.24. You always would need to remember to take your phone, write a tweet and publish it. Then repeat every day and hope that you don’t forget or burn out.

Would it be much easier to sit down, for example, once in a week and schedule all tweets for the coming week?

You don’t need to remember the best times for tweeting because the software is posting at the time that you have set. It reduces your workload a lot!

2.Scheduling Saves Your Time

Open your laptop/smartphone, go to Twitter, write a tweet, click publish and wait that it’s uploaded. Repeat 5-10 times a day. That would take a lot of time! It may take even many hours in a day and imagine how many hours in a month.

Situation B: Open your laptop once, schedule all tweets once and forget it for the rest of the week. Takes 15-60 minutes depending on how much you need to prepare and what kind of tweets you do.

3.Scheduling Improves Your Focus

Which one is more effective: 1.Do 10 different things every single day and hop from one task to another or 2.Do one thing first and once you have completed it, move to the next one.

If you are hopping from one task to another, you always need to regain your concentration which takes capacity from your willpower and brain. But if you keep on doing one task after you’ve started, you’ll be much more effective.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

You can schedule your posts on all your social media platforms with one click on MassPlanner


First Option – MassPlanner

MassPlanner is a powerful social media tool used by many full-time online entrepreneurs. Its price is, however, much cheaper than its value. You can get a 5-day free trial to see how it works. If you want to continue as a premium, you can have a 6 months membership for less than $45 which means less than $0,25/day. Quite cheap for saving hundreds of hours of your life, huh?

1.Login to MassPlanner and download their software to your computer.

This takes something under 2 minutes and you only need to do it once. Next time you just need to open the MassPlanner software on your computer and it’s ready for use.

2.Connect MassPlanner with your Twitter account.

It’s simple like 1-2-3 and they have also video tutorials for this on MassPlanner Youtube channel if you want to see step-by-step instructions.

3.Schedule your tweets by creating a campaign.

It took me a while to understand how MassPlanner works but after watching their tutorials and trying a tool a few times, it’s just become a routine to use it.

You create campaigns and decide where the social media posts will be published. Usually, I publish in 5 social medias at the same time: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. I don’t need to go through all of those social medias because I have them all in MassPlanner.

This video walks you through how to use MassPlanner with Twitter:

Schedule Your Tweets Using Hootsuite (Max.350 Tweets with One Click!)

You can schedule your tweets on Hootsuite using Bulkscheduler which allows you to schedule even 350 tweets with one click. It’s my favorite tool in Hootsuite. Another option is to schedule them one by one but it takes much more time and effort so I recommend using Bulkscheduler.

1.Login to Hootsuite

Do you already have a Hootsuite account? You can use Hootsuite for free and if you want to be more effective with Twitter, you can buy a premium account which is very cheap also. Hootsuite Premium is very effective especially for Twitter because of their bulkscheduler-tool.

My impressions (=how many times people see my tweets) grew 30-40 times bigger when I bought a Hootsuite premium. You can see a picture in a text where I speak about the best social media tool.

2.Make your posts using Google Spreadsheet or Excel

If you want to plan schedule your tweets, in you will naturally write them in advance. Make this by using Google Spreadsheet or Excel. This video below will walk you through how you can write your tweets with Google Spreadsheets and then send them to Hootsuite with a few clicks.

Note that you will also write on Google Spreadsheet a time when you want your tweet to be published.

When I first time saw how the process goes, I was a bit afraid if I can do it. But it was much easier than I had thought. Once you have done it, you don’t need ever to learn it again. Then I used to schedule 100-120 tweets with 5 clicks, gained a massive amount of impressions and good traffic to my website.

3.Import Your Tweets to Hootsuite

Once you have written your tweets using Google Spreadsheets or Excel, you can quickly import your tweets to Hootsuite.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Schedule 350 tweets with one click!

Then your tweets are scheduled and you can go to lay down on the beach while Hootsuite is working hard for you.

If you need any help with using Hootsuite Bulkscheduler-tool, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Hootsuite has also a helpful support team that will for sure help with anything you need.

Conclusion – Scheduling Your Tweets

Scheduling tweets is useful because it

1.Gives you freedom

2.Saves your time

3.Improves your focus

You can easily schedule your tweets using Hootsuite or MassPlanner. Both of them are very powerful and have given me nice results. That’s why I recommend to try both and decide which one you are going to use more. Or maybe you want to use both regularly like I do.


Have you used Hootsuite and MassPlanner to schedule your tweets?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


What is The Best Social Media Marketing Tool?

What is The Best Social Media Marketing Tool

So many social medias. So many tools. Which tool is the best?

There are so many social media marketing tools there that for the beginner it can feel overwhelming. When you search from the Google “What is The Best Social Media Marketing Tool?” No one seems to give you the clear answer.

There are texts like, ” 17 social media marketing tools that you can’t live without.” or “30 highest quality Twitter Tools.”

They give you so many different tools, then give 50 words description about the tool and then leave you alone. Very helpful? Not really. I have once started and been the beginner so I know how it feels to be looking for the best tool without a clear answer.

Today I want to give you my honest and clear answer on what is the best social media marketing tool and why. (Spoiler: My #1 social media tool here is Hootsuite)

Tweepi, Manageflitter, Buffer, Hootsuite…

All of these tools are good and I use them almost daily (Buffer not anymore because Hootsuite is better). I already wrote how to get Twitter followers fast by using Tweepi and how to unfollow people on Twitter by using Manageflitter. Both of those tools are great social media marketing tools but they are not the best.

In my opinion, Hootsuite is the best.

Also, the famous online entrepreneur Marc Guberti likes Hootsuite the most.

Use Several Social Medias with One Click

There are Twitter Tools. There are Facebook tools. There are Google+ tools.

But Hootsuite is the social media tool where you can use all of them at the same time.

You can connect all your social medias to Hootsuite at the same time. Once you want to publish a new post/tweet/link in your social medias you can publish in all of them with only one click.

Bulkscheduler – 350 Posts with One Click

I love bulkscheduler! It was the main reason that I decided to buy the premium account in Hootsuite.

With the bulkscheduler, you are able to publish 350 posts with only one click (okay, maybe a few clicks more but still). Actually, you can schedule 350 to all of your social media sites with only one click.

And once you have prepared your social media posts you can use them over and over again without using the time for writing and publishing them again. Hootsuite makes the work for you.

You Can Master the Best Tool!

I remember when I first started to use Hootsuite.

It didn’t feel very simple tool. So many icons and options everywhere. “How could I use this???” was my initial thought.

Then I abandoned Hootsuite for quite a while until I found it again. Buffer seemed simpler so I decided to use it. But it seemed to take too much time. Not very much but still I was thinking that there must a better way to automate tweets.

I kept on looking and after all, I found Hootsuite.

I watched some Hootsuite tutorials from Youtube and I searched Google for the answers. Then I found out that Hootsuite isn’t so complicated after all. I just needed to watch some videos to understand how it works.

So don’t worry if it feels too scary in the beginning. Just use some time for it and you will master it. Then after a little while, it feels like the simplest tool in the world.

Here is one great Hootsuite tutorial for beginners:

Hootsuite Bulkscheduler – The Power in Your Hands!

Hootsuite bulkscheduler was the main reason that I decided to buy the premium version in Hootsuite.

That tool is totally awesome and powerful!

With the  Bulkscheduler you can schedule 350 FB posts/tweets WITH ONE CLICK

Imagine how much time it would take to write your tweets and posts over and over again. With the Bulkscheduler, you need to write your posts only once and then you can publish them over and over again with one click.

Before I earned approximately 1,500-3,000 impressions on Twitter. As I started using the Bulkscheduler a number of impressions instantly jumped more than 10 times! (see the images below)

I started to have the same amount in one hour that I before had in the whole day.

Best social media marketing tool

See how the impressions literally JUMPED!

Using Bulkscheduler – Prepare it and… BANG!

When you start using the Bulkscheduler you need to use a little bit of time to write and arrange your tweets.

First, it takes some time but then the effort will pay back itself VERY FAST.

Here is a great tutorial on Youtube that helped me when I started using Bulkscheduler for the first time.

As the woman explains in the video, you can arrange your tweets using Google Spreadsheet. Then download the file in CSV. format and submit it to Hootsuite.

Conclusion – What is The Best Social Media Marketing Tool?

There are many good tools out there and I recommend to use many of them. I use personally Tweepi, Manageflitter, and Hootsuite.

But if I should need to choose only one social media marketing tool it would be Hootsuite.

Boost Your Social Media Marketing for Free! Start in Hootsuite Today!

If you need any help with using Hootsuite, you can drop a comment below. I am more than willing to help you!

Extra Bonus – Traffic from Google

Using social media is absolutely beneficial but if you really want to be successful online you need to get ranked in Google.

To get ranked in Google you need to use proper tools and training.

I know what it takes to get ranked and if you want to learn it too I recommend you to start learning for free in Wealthy Affiliate. It provides you the comprehensive training and tools on how to drive traffic from all the search engines. In addition, I will provide my personal 1-on-1 coaching for you!

Start driving traffic from Google. Get the proper training and tools from Wealthy Affiliate!

What social media tools have you used?

What is The Best Social Media Marketing Tool in your opinion?


Update!!! 26.12.2016: Today I published  a review about MassPlanner which is also an awesome social media tool. I would recommend to try both MassPlanner and Hootsuite. There is a free trial in both of them so you can try them for free. I have bought the premium version of both and I can honestly say that they are worth it. They are both very cheap and you can get a great value for your money.

=> Get a free trial for MassPlanner here!