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Is Five Figure Freedom a Scam? – Can You Make +$10,000 in the Next 30 Days?

Have you already asked yourself, “Is Five Figure Freedom a Scam?” Before investing any dollars into this system, you should ask this question. They are giving you huge promises with a cheap product but everything that shines ain’t always gold. The cheap product is a bait to sell you, even more, products for a more expensive price. I think that Justin Spencer and Brendan Mace have something interesting to share about Internet marketing but you can find it for free on Youtube.

Five Figure Freedom Review

Name: Five Figure Freedom (FFF)
Website: https://fivefigurefreedom.com/liveIs Five Figure Freedom a Scam
Founders: Justin Spencer & Brendan Mace
Price: $7 + Four Expensive Upsells
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 60 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Five Figure Freedom?

Five Figure Freedom is a “make money online” training course made my Brendan Mace and Justin Spencer. They are Internet marketers who are making big money online and promise to teach how you can do it as well. Brendan is promising with huge letters that you can make more than $10,000 online in the next 30 days with less than 1 hour of work.

In my opinion, that kind of promise is a big scam sign. I know that anyone can make +$10,000/month online achieving such income in the next 30 days with less than 1 hour per day is not true. Making money online requires hard work and persistence. Of course, if you get a good training, your task will be much easier. But still, things don’t happen automatically.

First, you will need to work to establish your online business. When you have done the work, then you will have more freedom and you don’t need to use so many hours on your computer. But the order goes like this: Work -> Freedom. In order to have the freedom fast, you need to use more than 1 hour per day in the beginning.

Who is Five Figure Freedom For?

FFF is targeted for people who have already tried Internet marketing but haven’t succeeded yet. I know from my own experience of being in “make money online” industry that a big part of people fails with their online businesses. Do you know what is the main reason?

People start with this kind of attitude, “Well, I am going to TRY this make money online -thing. It doesn’t cost anything to TRY so why not give it a TRY.” That is the main reason. People don’t commit but they only try. I almost felt to the same trap in the beginning of my Internet marketing career. I thought that because I didn’t see instant results, I should probably quit.

Then I didn’t build my online business almost at all for 3-4 months. But during that time I started seeing results from my previous work. That teaches us the lesson that most of the time you don’t see results immediately in the online world. Don’t run from one product to another even though Brendan Mace is promising you the Moon from the sky.

Brendan Mace and Justin Spencer. Should You Trust Them?

Is Five Figure Freedom a Scam

Brendan Mace and Justin Spencer

They are the founders of this Five Figure Freedom. Brendan shows the freedom that his “laptop lifestyle” has given to him. He is traveling all around the world with his girlfriend and living an easy life. Then he tells that he has more than 30,000 subscribers on Youtube which is one sign of his success. Justin Spencer is a master of solo ads. It’s a type of online marketing where you send individual messages to email lists.

They are showing income proof in their sales page of +$3,000 or even +$5,000 per day. We can honestly say that these guys know many things about online marketing. They are professionals. But are they the right teachers for you?

If you are interested in their teachings, why wouldn’t you just learn their strategies for free on Youtube? Of course, you need to be careful because in many videos they are just selling their other products to get more income.

What Don’t I Like in Five Figure Freedom?

Even though Justin and Brendan are may be successful Internet marketers themselves, I don’t like their style of upselling. They tell that Five Figure Freedom -training is everything you need to make money online.

Then you go and buy their cheap $6 product and they show you another one which is 3-4 times more expensive. They say to let you understand that you can’t live without this upsell. Once you have bought the first upsell, they offer you the second, then the third upsells and eventually the fourth upsell for $1,997.

If you buy all of their upsells at a full price, the total cost will be around $2,200. It’s a different amount than $6 that you were supposed to pay at the first place. This is a classical strategy that many Internet marketers are using.

They give you the first product for a cheap price to get you in. Then they start bombarding you with upsells until you have spent much more money that you originally planned.

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What Is the Exact Price of Five Figure Freedom?

The first product costs less than $10.

The first upsell costs $27. If you don’t accept it, you will get an offer for $13. The next upsells are $67, $97, $1,997.  You can all products for a cheaper price if you turn the offers down. New prices will be $37, $47 and $197. These are called downsells.

Pros & Cons


  • Founders are successful Internet marketers so they have lots of knowledge
  • Brendan shares useful tips to make money online
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Exaggerating promises (5-figure income for less than 1 hour of work/day)
  • Upsell strategy is not very nice
  • Some scam signs

Conclusion – Is Five Figure Freedom a Scam?

We need to admit that Brendan and Justin are not being 100% in their marketing strategy. They are telling you the things that are not totally true. For example, you won’t make +$10,000 in the next 30 days if you are working less than 1 hour per day. In addition, their upselling strategy is also a bit shady.

After all, they provide you helpful tips for Internet marketing but it could have been done in a little bit better way.

If you are interested in making +$10,000/month online, I encourage you to give a little bit of time for yourself. Even though it would take a year or two, I guess it’s not a huge problem.

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Five Figure Freedom at a Glance…

Name: Five Figure Freedom (FFF)
Website: https://fivefigurefreedom.com/live
Founders: Justin Spencer & Brendan Mace
Price: $7 + Four Expensive Upsells
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 60 Out of 100 


What do you think about Five Figure Freedom?

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