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Is Lottotrix a Scam? – Is This What You Expected!?

Have you heard of lottery systems before? I have made a research of more than 10 different systems that promise you to beat the lottery. There are a few characteristics that make those systems similar. All lottery systems don’t give what they promise but… I will tell you later in this article. Is Lottotrix a Scam? Let’s find out.

Lottotrix Review

is lottotrix a scamName: Lottotrix
Website: www.Lottotrix.com
Founders: Stefan Vandevelde
Field: Lottery Systems

Overall Rank:  15 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Lottotrix?

Lottotrix is a website created by Stefan Vandevelde. He is a Belgian guy who has researched different lotto systems over the years. He has studied how people play lotto and how lottery systems work to cash out money for the players. According to his own words, he has made some groundbreaking findings how you can also win the lottery.

To be honest, I am quite skeptical.

It’s amazing how much effort Stefan has put on his lotto website. There are reviews of many lottery systems and he is, of course, selling his own products that promise to make you win in the lotteries.

He has systems for many kinds of lotto: Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 and so on.

How Does Lottotrix Work?

Stefan Vandevelde analyzed how lotto works. When the lotto show started on TV, people were excited. Maybe this will be their big day to win something great on the lottery. Then the wheel started rolling.

It took almost 1-3 minutes to get the first number because TV hosts wanted to keep everyone excited. But when the first number was given, a big number of people turned TV off. It wasn’t their lucky day.

The second and the third number appeared on TV. Even more, people changed the channel because they realized that they will not win the jackpot today. When it turned for the first ball, only 1-2% of the original spectators were still watching the show.

TV hosts figured out that they need to change the strategy. Instead of taking so long time to give the right numbers, they did it quicker that people wouldn’t vanish.

Mr. Vandevelde wanted to find a way to beat this system. If he can’t beat the lottery, he wants to “change the rules”. What does it exactly mean? He somehow inverts the numbers or does something “magic” that I really don’t understand. If you have a better understanding of his system, I would be more than happy to hear it in the comments. To me, his system just seems like a blatant scam.

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The price of Lottotrix Products?

They are selling and promoting many kinds of products on Lottotrix website. Many of them are free and only require that you give them your email address. Then they will most likely start bombarding you with other promotions and with some other products. That’s why I don’t give my email to a system if I clearly see that it’s not worth it.

Most Lottotrix products cost a little less than $40. It’s a way too high price if you consider that they just give you an eBook which explains a few lotto strategies. If you would really beat the lottery, a value would be millions. BUT if you could beat the lottery with their systems, they wouldn’t sell it for so cheap.

Who is Lottotrix For?

In my opinion, Lottotrix is for those who don’t understand that one can’t beat the lottery. I wouldn’t waste your time on their website if I were you. Like I have explained in the other lotto system reviews, the player is supposed to lose and the house is always supposed to win the lottery. That’s it. Period.

Oh, and what about those characteristics of the lotto systems. Let me give you them briefly:

1.Too big promises
2.Some complicated explanations (that try to trick you)
3.Pictures of big mansions and sports cars
4.The founder has a fancy title. (Dr., Mathematician, Professor or something else)
5.False testimonials.

Probably not all of the lotto systems have these all but mostly you will see them. Better to concentrate on more profitable ways to make money online.

Pros & Cons


  • There are many inspirational and interesting ideas about the lottery


  • You can’t beat the lottery
  • Stefan’s systems cash out from people who believe you could win lotto
  • Products are very expensive compared to their value.

Conclusion – Is Lottotrix a Scam?

If a system promises you to beat the lottery, what can you expect? Either you can believe what they say or you can investigate the system and realize that it doesn’t really work. If somebody would show me a lotto system that could really beat the lottery, I promise to eat my hat. (That’s a challenge for all lotto system builders)

If you are looking for ways and opportunities to make money online, I recommend staying away from any system that promises to give you big wins without any efforts. Making money (online) requires work and persistence. Of course, you can make money in 5 minutes by filling out an online survey. But how much would you earn then? $0,01 or something similar.

If you want to make money with blogging or affiliate marketing, it may take much more time but the rewards can be million times bigger.

If you want to have a real training how to make a big money online without any magical lotto tricks or “trix”, have a look at this step-by-step training.

Lottotrix at a Glance…

Name: Lottotrix
Website: www.Lottotrix.com
Founders: Stefan Vandevelde
Field: Lottery Systems

Overall Rank:  15 Out of 100

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂