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Master Writing Jobs Review – Will You Make $2,000-$10,000 Per Month Without Any Prior Knowledge?

“You will earn $2,000-$10,000 every month through Master Writing Jobs. Start today.” That’s what they are confidently saying to you. Are they truthful or not? Is Master Writing Jobs a scam? I made a little research about their services and reveal my results here.

I will also show you several ways how you can make a full-time income online as a writer.

Master Writing Jobs Review

master writing jobs reviewName: Master Writing Jobs (MWJ)
Website: www.masterwritingjobs.com
Price: $68 $34
Field: Freelance Writer Jobs Online

Overall Rank: 0 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Master Writing Jobs?

Master Writing Jobs is a website that is created for freelance writers to find a writing job online. You may probably know how challenging it can be sometimes to find a great job as a freelancer. Master Writing Jobs could be an answer to your prayers but read further because there is something very suspicious in their service.

They say that you could earn up to $10,000/month through their website while working as a freelance writer. Then their salesperson makes the math for you. If you write a 500-word article for $125, you will earn $10,000 by writing 80 articles per month. It means 4 articles per day if you are working for 20 days.

Simple and easy?

Yes, it sounds like that but let’s think about it. Where will you find a person who pays you $125 for a 500-word article? If you are an extremely skilled writer, somebody can do it but that’s not going to happen inside Master Writing Jobs because it’s just a scam.

Read further to find out why.

master writing jobs review

Master Writing Jobs gives you big promises. But are they truthful?

Master Writing Jobs Website Gives Huge Promises

“Faster! Easier! More Profitable! That’s Master Writing Jobs. Work only 4-5 hours per day wherever you want in the world: at your home, on a beach, in a cafe, you decide. While doing this, you will earn +$100,000 per year.”

What do you think about that kind of promises?

I know that it’s possible to make +$100,000/per year because some of my friends are doing it. Some famous people like Pat Flynn are making +$100,000/month but it required years of work to reach that level.

$125 for 500 words

Fake News, Fake Counter, Fake Testimonials…

Do you remember My Home Job Search? They had also huge promises and everything seemed so great. But then we found out that they are just trying to fool people. My Home Job Search was using logos on their website claiming that they have been on many news. Forbes, Fox, NBC and so on. But there wasn’t any proof of that and they were just misusing the logos. Master Writing Jobs is using the same strategy.

master writing jobs review

I didn’t find any proofs that Master Writing Jobs has been featured on this news.

Then MWJ has also a counter on their website saying 20, 15, 10 and finally 3 positions left. We all know that they are just trying to fool us. It’s interesting that the number will never go to 0 but it will always remain in 3 despite how long you are going to wait on their website.

If you scroll down their homepage, you see testimonials from at least six people who used their service to make money online. However, there is one challenge with these testimonials. They are fake. If you search the pictures that they are using, you can find out that they have just downloaded those pictures from a service that provides stock images like Shutterstock.

It’s a strange strategy to use stock images with testimonials but I have seen it happening also with other online scams.

Better Alternatives for Freelance Writers

I have bought tons of articles online from freelance writers. Usually, I am using HireWriters or Fiverr to find freelancers. Usually, I don’t work myself as a freelancer because I prefer building my own business rather than working for else.

It’s also much more profitable to build an own online business than work as a freelance writer. If you are skilled writer, you can already have a great start for your business.

If you are wondering how you could create a successful online business for yourself, I recommend taking a look at this step-by-step training. It will walk you through the process of creating a full-time income online

I will also help you hand by hand during your process of becoming a successful online business owner. It doesn’t cost anything to get started but you will get 20 interactive video lessons as a gift for joining.

Even though I was not a writer before, that training helped me to earn passive income regularly online. I have even quit my day job because there is so much more potential building my online business. The company gave me a big raise and had great plans for me but I saw a better opportunity online.

Also, many other people inside Wealthy Affiliate have quit their day jobs because they are earning much better and more easily on the Internet.

Pros & Cons


  • Gives you the idea that you can make money online (It’s not possible through their website but it’s possible in general.)


  • False promises
  • Fake news, fake testimonials and everything fake
  • Bad reputation = Tons of negative reviews on the Internet
  • They talk about unrealistic salaries for beginner writers

Conclusion – Is Master Writing Jobs a Scam?

Yes, it’s a scam. There is not a single reason why I wouldn’t believe it’s not a scam.

But that’s not the end of the story. As I mentioned above, you can earn money online with legitimate services. My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate because their training will teach how you can make a full-time income online and much, much more.

You don’t need any prior experience of working online because the training will help to build your online business from the scratch. If you have already lots of experience of making money online, it’s not a problem either. There are many experienced online business owners inside the community. Some of them have made the living online for more than 10 years.

=> Start a free training in Wealthy Affiliate Today! (Takes only 10 seconds to get started.)

Master Writing Jobs at a Glance…

Name: Master Writing Jobs
Website: www.masterwritingjobs.com
Price: $68 $34
Field: Freelance Writer Jobs Online

Overall Rank: 0 Out of 100


Have you ever worked as a freelance writer online?

Have you outsourced content writing for freelancers?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I would love to hear your experiences. That’s why I promise to reply to every single comment personally (usually within 24 hours).


Can I Make Money As a Freelance Writer? How Much? – This Is What a Freelancer Said!

Can I make money as a freelance writer? You’ve probably heard of people who write online for a living. They write articles at home and get paid. It sounds easy and a lot of fun, and it just seems like a great way to unleash your creativity. But before you give up your day job, let’s dig deeper into the world of freelance writing.

I want to mention that this post is originally created by a freelance writer. I wanted to hear what does he think about the subject so I can share them with you. I must admit that what he wrote, may surprise you as it surprised myself.

Can I Make Money As a Freelance Writer

What is Freelance Writing and How Does It Work?

Freelance writing means you write for different companies or individuals, and you’re not bound by any long-term contract except the one you enter into for the current task. The way it works varies, but usually, you are emailed a topic to write about. It includes the instructions, deadline and how you’ll be paid.

Once you’re done writing, you submit the article via email or the company’s website. You get paid upon completion of the job and move on to the next task. If the contract runs for several months, you’ll be paid on a regular basis, weekly, monthly etc. usually via PayPal.

HireWriters is one very popular and high-quality place to earn money as a freelance writer. I have already bought many articles there.

Who is Freelance Writing For?

Freelance writing is for anyone who wants to earn extra income. Anyone who can type on a word processor can apply. These jobs are open to staying at home moms, dads, students, anyone who wants to earn more money. While freelance writing can take many forms, most are now done online.

If you don’t have a job and need to make a few bucks, you can go online and look for a writing job. If you’re a parent who has a job but wants to earn more, freelance writing is an option too.

The Good

  • Freelance Online Writing Jobs are Legit: there are online job scams, but freelance writing is legit. There are companies and individuals who will pay you to write articles for them.
  • Work at Home: being able to work at home means no traffic, no looking for parking lots, no annoying co-workers and no boss over your shoulders. You don’t have to dress up, you can eat home cooked food and don’t have to leave your bedroom to go to work.
  • Little or No Work Experience Required: there’s no need for a degree in journalism. The topics are often diverse and as long as you know how to research and write, you can be a freelance writer.
  • No Messy Contracts: once you’re done writing for a client, you can move on to the next one. There’s no need to put up with a client you don’t like.
  • Take a Break Anytime: don’t feel like working for the next week or so? Once you’re done with the current contract, you can take a break and relax.

Freelance writing sounds like fun, but it’s not exactly the dream job you may think it is. In the following section, we’ll examine the facts that aspiring freelance writers have to know.

The Bad

  • There are Still Deadlines: one of the most common misconceptions is that freelance writers can work any time of the day they want. That’s not exactly true. When a client sends you articles to write, there’s a deadline. You must finish the articles within the day or you may not get paid. Sure you can start late, but if you do, you’ll be pressed for time later. In other words, it’s just like working in an office.
  • No Benefits: forget about social security, 401k, maternity leave pay, paid vacation leave, medical leave, etc. You will not get any of those as a freelance writer. You’re pretty much on your own unless you have another job that pays for that.
  • There are Scammers: yes, there are legitimate job offers, but there are also scam artists who will ask you to write articles but will disappear when it’s time to pay. This isn’t just common in online writing jobs but online work in general.

Can I Make Money As a Freelance Writer

  • You need to do a lot of research. Whether you’re writing about health, social media, SEO, reviewing a product, etc. you have to do your homework. You cannot just copy paste information you see online because there is software which can detect that. If your work contains plagiarized content, you won’t get paid, so it must be all original.
  • You’ll Do Editing: you won’t just write, as you’ll need to proofread and edit your articles. If there are grammatical errors, the client will return it. You won’t get paid until the client is satisfied with your work.


  • Competition is Stiff: you’re not the only freelance writer online, so you’ll be competing with others for the best paying gigs.  If you’re just starting out, it’s going to be an uphill battle as clients prefer experienced writers. To build up your portfolio, you’ll have to take low paying jobs.
  • Pay Varies:  freelance writers make $24 on average, but that’s assuming you’re an established writer. If you’re new, the pay will be lower.
  • Distractions at Home: there are so many possible distractions to working at home. Kids, friends dropping by, phone calls, TV, etc. Since you’re unsupervised, it’s tempting to slack off. This will affect the quality of your work and make your client unhappy.
  • No Job Security: how long is this writing gig going to last? The fact that there’s no long-term contract gives you freedom. But what happens if you no longer get orders from that client?

My Final Opinion of Freelance Writing

So can you earn money from freelance writing?  Sure, but it isn’t as easy as people might think. It entails a lot of work, and the pay isn’t what people or the job description makes it out to be. Not only do you have to work hard, but the pay, especially when you’re starting out, can be low.

If you want to make a living from home, a better option would be affiliate marketing. I know a very good a community-based online program that teaches you the step-by-step how to create your own online business. Membership is free and there are tips to help build websites and how to monetize them. Take a closer look and start for free!


Have you worked as a freelance writer? Where?

Let us know in the comments below! 🙂