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What is the Secret to Making Money Online?

What is the Secret to Making Money Online

Learn the “secret”

Have you ever heard someone asking the question, “What is the secret to making money online?” I bet that you have!

Many people are looking for a secret that would make them automatically rich online. The other side of the coin is that many scammers have used those people to milk money.

They have made their “secret programs” that teach how they earned $100,000 online by “pushing the button”. If you have followed my blog, you know that kind of buttons doesn’t exist in this world. They only way those “push the button” -guys have made their wealth is by cheating people to believe their lies. Sorry that I’m rude but I don’t want anyone to fall for the online scams.

Starting Point, 0.

Thank God, not all the people who are earning +$10,000/month online are scammers. Most of them are totally honest and wonderful guys.

If you want to contact many successful online businessmen personally, I recommend to create a free account in Wealthy Affiliate and sent them the private messages.

Let’s think how those honest men have built their online business.

In the beginning, most of them didn’t have anything.

They didn’t have a website when they born.

They didn’t have skills before they started.

They didn’t even know how to use the computer before starting.

My point is that all of them have started from zero at some point. Many of them had even the worse starting point than you have/had.

One Step at a Time

All of the successful online entrepreneurs must have succeeded only one step at a time even though they have taken the different ways.

Some of them made the first success through SEO.

Some through social media marketing.

Some through PPC-marketing.

And so on.

Secret to making money online (2)

Just take one step at a time to the online success

Let’s take for example the guy who made success through SEO. First, he learned how to build a website. Then he wrote something and added pictures on his website. Well, many people can do to this level but not all.

He added affiliate links on his website to make commissions on the products. But he didn’t have many visitors yet.

Then he learned how to get ranked in Google. He started to get organic traffic from the search engines when people were searching certain things related to his website.

Let’s say that 0,1% of the visitors ended up buying something through his affiliate links.

He thought that the conversion could be higher because now only one of 2000 visitors bought a product. He updated his sales pages and saw how 0,2% of the visitors bought something. The sales doubled.

He wanted to get even more visitors to his website so he updated his old content to get ranked better in Google. Then he wrote more articles to answer even more questions of his audience. The traffic kept increasing from the search engines.

Then he repeats the process until there were hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and the conversion rate was much higher than in the beginning.

The story talked mainly about traffic from SEO but in reality, when you have the great content on your website, visitors will share it on social media which will drive even more traffic.

Scaling Your Business

You can build an email list, make social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc., build PPC campaigns and much more.

The bottom line is that you can learn each of those things if you just want.

But let’s be realistic that the learning takes time and in the online world you don’t see the results immediately. When you have built the new website, during the first three months it will probably not rank very well in Google.

With the PPC-campaigns you need to test, test, test and scale until something proves to work. You don’t always see the results immediately!

Let’s say that you built your online business during one month (30 min/1 hour per evening) and earned only $5 and in the next month $25. In the third month, you make $125. Then you calculate, “Hmm… I have earned only $155 during 3 months. This doesn’t pay enough. I quit.”

Didn’t you realize that you made 5 times more than in the previous month! If you would keep on scaling the business every month like that it would mean $625 in the fourth month. Then -> $3,125!

Of course, everything doesn’t always work in a linear way but the idea is that on the Internet you can scale your business to a huge extent. For example, I have about 11k followers on Twitter and it takes only 3 minutes to send 131 tweets to all of them (Using Hootsuite). If we compare it to the start when I had 100 followers and it took 3 minutes to write 1 tweet.

Everything Worthwhile Takes Time

Did you know that only 1 of the all 43 U.S. presidents has been divorced? One of them remained single. It means that 41 out of 43 remained married until the death made them apart. The statistic tells something about their commitment.

Building a marriage takes time. You need to get to know to a person, spend lots of time together and so on. It’s a process where you get to know each other even more and know what the other person likes and dislikes.

The same principles apply to an online business. It takes the time to build the content and it takes the time to build the relationships with the audience. But every time when you put some effort, you take one step closer to your online success.

Making money online is not a sprint. It’s a marathon.

When you keep on sowing the seeds to your online business, at some point you will reap the harvest. That’s the natural law of cause and effect.

If you compare to a “normal profession” where you study first 3 years in a university before earning a single dollar, making money online is much faster way to (passive) income.

So, What is the Secret to Making Money Online?

The truth is that there is no such “secret”. You need to learn the skills like in the offline business.

But the secret to making big money online is scaling. You can scale your business in much better way than you could ever imagine in the offline world.

Get 10,000 visitors/month to your online store. Think how much more investments and risk it would require to get the 10,000 visitors/month to your offline store.

So, forget the mystical secrets to making money online. Instead, think what would be the next skill that you need to learn.

Learn to build an email list?

Learn to get ranked #1 in Google?

Learn to get 100 visitors/day from social media?

Learn to make videos?

Define what is the skill that you are going to need to scale your business. Learn it and then put the knowledge powerfully into action. Rinse and repeat.

No excuses!

What is the Secret to Making Money Online

Sow the seeds to your online business

“But I Don’t Know Where to Learn?”

Many people don’t have the knowledge and they don’t know where to get it. Don’t worry.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a step by step online business training, community, and comprehensive support.

You will learn everything from building a website, monetizing your websites, driving traffic from search engines and from social media.

You will also get many friends who have their own online business and you can ask them how to learn certain skills and they will provide their help.

=> Learn real skills to make money online in Wealthy Affiliate!


How to Generate Ideas for Content? – 3 Powerful Tips

How to Generate Ideas for Content

Generate more ideas with these powerful tips!

Are you running out of content ideas? Are you pondering, “How to generate ideas for content?”

Today I will give you three powerful steps which will guarantee that you will not run out of the content ideas anymore.

First, I will give you the most powerful one

1. Create Content Daily, Publish Daily


Let me explain.

When you set yourself a goal to publish something daily in your website/blog, you force yourself to create something. You force yourself to learn.

You are not pushing yourself to learn if you just create content when you just “feel like it”.

When I was writing one post per week I just managed do that but sometimes I felt like running out of the ideas. Then at some point, I decided to try publishing EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was a crucial breakthrough.

Now as I am publishing content every day I feel that new ideas come automatically. I never feel like running out of ideas.

Before I felt that posting once a week was sometimes challenging but now I know that publishing every day is not too hard if you get used to it. Publishing every day will put your brain into a “mode” when it seeks ideas from the environment. That’s power!

I admit that publishing daily is quite an “extreme” but you can try it for example for one week and see how it works for you.

In a nutshell

  • Write every day. It will become your second nature.
  • Publish every day (at least answering comments on your website).
  • Push your limits and reach your potential.
  • You can make a test how many texts you can produce in one day (Remember also the quality, not only the quantity).

2.Study Your Niche Daily

One successful online entrepreneur was teaching about the online business and content creation. He saw how some people just study, study and study while they are never doing anything. Working, working and working it’s not good neither. You need to have a balance!

His rule of a thumb was:

Use 50% for content creation (writing, making videos, etc.) and 50% for content consumption (studying your niche)

It’s very hard to generate new ideas for content if you are not studying your subject at all.

As you begin writing something every day, it’s also important to study every day.

How to Generate Ideas for Content

Study your niche. Become the expert!

“But how do I have time for all that?? How can I write every day and study every day???”

That’s actually quite simple

If you have 1 hour, use 30 minutes for studying and 30 minutes for content creation.

If you have 2 hours, use 1 hour for studying and 1 hour for content creation.

When you study your subject daily you will always get new inspiration, new ideas and expand your knowledge. Little by little you will become the expert in your niche.

If you are really serious about your online business, you will use much more than 2 hours every day. If you want to succeed fast, you will use 8 hours every day. And I don’t mean using 8 hours scrolling Facebook’s or Twitter’s news feed. I mean that using 8 hours doing the real work!

Here are some tips that you can do to study your niche

  • Search the blogs/channels from the niche experts
  • Talk with the people who are working in your niche (in forums, in social media or “in the real life”)
  • Think about the things that you want to learn in your niche. -> Write them down -> Search for the answers (-> Write a tutorial for others)

3.Be Open for the New Ideas

This is one extremely powerful!

There may be two persons. The other one sees the opportunity and gets the idea while the other one doesn’t see anything. It’s a mindset thing. Some people are always willing to learn and they see opportunities everywhere. Some people just live this life without seeing the ideas and opportunities around them. -> Be the one who sees the ideas and puts them into action.

As you study your niche be always open for the new ideas and write them down.

Don’t only sit in front your computer watching a webinar or an article but make notes at the same time. You can use the good old pen and paper or type the ideas straight to your computer.

Then after watching or reading the teaching you have already generated some new ideas for content.

And as you have generated new ideas put them into action.

The success comes to those who work for it.

Be open for the new ideas

  • Keep the pen and paper with you (or use your mobile phone/iPad/laptop) to write down the ideas
  • Write down ideas right away when you get it.
  • Have the attitude, “Let’s see what new I am going to learn and create today.”
  • Put your ideas powerfully into action as fast as you can!

Three tips on , “How to Generate Ideas for Content?”

1.Write daily, publish daily
2.Study your niche
3.Be open for the new ideas

Learn More about Content Creation!

One the most important things in the successful online business is to create quality content.

If you are willing to dig deeper down and learn more I recommend you to start the FREE training in Wealthy Affiliate. You will get 20 free video lessons and the personal guidance when you register in Wealthy Affiliate. Their comprehensive training teaches everything about content creation that you need to know.

I hope that you found this article useful!

How do you generate ideas for content?

How often do you publish content on your blog/website/channel?


“How to Get More Visitors to My Website?” – Start with This!

How to Get More Visitors to My Website

Get more visitors to your website!

Probably every online entrepreneur, blogger and affiliate marketer are asking themselves “How to get more visitors to my website?”

That is the crucial question because visitors are the key to earning online revenue and passive income.

Today I’m going to share what is the most important factor when you are attracting more visitors.

Content is king!

Content, content and content. The most uccessful online entrepreneurs talk over and over again about the importance of content. That is the key to success online.

The content of your website is your asset. When you have your own domain, you 100% own your content. But first a quick question.

“What is content?”

Content can be 700 words blog post, 3-minute video, appealing images, training tutorial, product review or anything between. (Extra tip, How to Make Your Content User-Friendly? 6 Tips for the Readable Text)


How to Get More Visitors to My Website

Create more content DAILY .

What Should be the Purpose of Your Content?

Some people think this way, “I want to earn money online. Okay, I’ll just put some fancy ads on my website. Then I do some social media marketing probably and the money will flow to my bank account.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The purpose of your content must always (ALWAYS) be adding value to people’s life. To fill some of their needs, help them, make their life better and so on.

For example, the purpose of my website YourOnlineRevenue.com is to help you to start earning money online. I provide tips and 1-on-1 mentoring for everyone who needs help on any subject related to earning money online.

The focus of your content must be helping people.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

The Content is Your Most Valuable Asset

The highly successful online entrepreneur Jeff Bullas stated that the valuable content really attracts visitors to your page.

Once you have valuable content on your website, people are willing to share your pages with their friends, in the social media and they begin to trust you more.

As you have your own domain, the ownership of your website’s content is totally yours. When you add something to Facebook (or to other social medias) you always need to follow their regulations.

But in your own website you can do whatever you want. (And remember to provide value)

Think your website as building a house. Brick by brick it becomes more and more valuable. When you add more content to your website, the value of your asset rises.

It becomes more and more beautiful house (website). More and more people are willing to visit your house (website) and they are inviting their friends there also.

Solve Problems, Help People

Solving problems work.

People are searching on the Internet help for many things.  “How to earn money online?” “How to learn languages faster?” “How to boost my business?” “Which guitar should I buy?” and literally anything.

There are many answers that people want to find.

If you can provide the good answers for the people’s problems I can guarantee that you have the keys to success in your hands.

When someone is frustrated without finding the answers you can come and help him/her. Nothing works better that real helping.

Give them language learning tips, provide help with their business, help them with the music instruments. What is your strength? Use it!

How to Get More Visitors to My Website

Always: Remember to help people with your content!

ONE EXTRA TIP: Provide the Information That Other’s Don’t Bother to Giving!

Your content will compete with all the other content on the Internet. Why would people choose to read/watch your content? Probably you have done well SEO and now it can be found easily. But do you know what is probably the most powerful way to get visitor?

The most valuable content is something that other’s don’t provide. If you find the problem without an answer on the Internet you can jump because of the happiness.

There is your chance to succeed! Give valuable answers for that problem and you will succeed.

Let’s say that you have struggled with something before in your life without finding an answer from the Internet. Then you figured out the way. Now, share your tips for the others! They can be ultimately valuable.

Learn More about Content Creation

I have learned the importance of content creation from Wealthy Affiliate. I realized that actually all of the successful online entrepreneurs talk about the importance of content.

Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome training community which provides awesome training and tools how to create valuable content and how to develop all the time.

Read for example:

Get GOOD at Writing Content (By the guy who earns more than $10,000/month online).

Two from the founder of Wealthy Affiliate. Online millionaire.

You Want Online Success? It Starts With Brute Force (One of my favorite texts!)

and Writing Out Themed Content.

This one is impressive: Over 10,000 Visits in a Week – Importance of Content Creation to Convert.

I really hope that these tips will help you to create valuable content and get more visitors to your website.

As you persistently keep on adding valuable content to your website and do your SEO, the visitors will follow.

What are your favorite ways to get more visitors to your website?


“How to Expand My Online Business?” – 7 Tasks to Do Daily

How to Expand My Online Business

How to Expand your online business?

In order to succeed in online business, you will need to be persistent and to some things over and over again to make the breakthrough.

My advice is to practice daily. Devote time every single day to your online business. Take little steps to the success. Think it this way,

“Everyday you are one day closer to the breakthrough.”

If you have been asking yourself  “How to Expand My Online Business?” Today I will give you 7 tasks that you can do daily to be more successful.

1.Write content

Writing valuable content is one of the most important things in the online business. You need to have valuable content in order to get people interested in your products or services.

Writing daily can definitely give an enormous boost to your online business. You don’t need to publish the post right away if you don’t have the time to write it until the end that day.

Writing daily will also boost your writing skills and your texts will be better all the time. And you will be able to write faster.

Remember also that the Perfection is not required in the online business.

2.Make Videos or Podcasts

Articles are not the only way to communicate online. Videos are a huge resource and I recommend to use them in your online business.

You can also link the videos in your articles to make the message more powerful. In videos, there can be text, pictures, music and many other things. So videos are very versatile and many times can convert better than the text only.

Take a little video and upload it to Youtube. Find the good keyword for the video and leave the link to your website and get more traffic.

Podcasts are also a powerful way provide value. Podcasts are easy because they can have listened to the bus, in a train, while driving or literally anywhere.

3.Search Keywords

Right keywords are the key to getting ranked in the search engines. Finding right keywords can lead to a huge traffic from the Google and other search engines. (See How to Find the Best Keywords for a Website?)

You don’t have to write the article right away.

You can, for example, search for 10 different keywords and write the posts other days.

Using proper keywords can literally boom the traffic in your website. For free.

4.Make Social Media Marketing

Social media can be the other free way to get a ton of traffic to your website.

Use the time to post in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. You can also search for more followers and engage with others. (See How to Get More Twitter Followers Instantly? – 5 Ultimate Tips)

Use the time to automate your posts and tweets. This will save a lot of time in the future.

How to Expand My Online Business

Use social media to attract more visitors to your website.

5.Study and Explore New Things

We never should stop learning in life and the same applies to the online business. Read the articles and watch videos about the different subjects.

How to do better SEO, social media marketing or write better articles. Or go just through a new training program like Wealthy Affiliate, Chris Farrell Membership, Affilorama or Niche Blitzkrieg.

New ideas will take you to the next level and give you more inspiration and motivation.

6.Ask Questions

Einstein was asked how did you become a genius. He answered, “I never stopped asking questions.”

If there is anything you don’t know ask from someone. If there is a skill you would like to master, ask someone who has already mastered it.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community where you can ask any questions related to the online businesses and you will always be answered. You can personally contact many successful online entrepreneurs.

Tony Robbins tells many times why successful people get the better results. They ask better questions. Start asking questions!

7.Search Images

As you have written the text or only got an idea of the new text, use the time to find great images. (See How to Find Millions of Free Images.)

If you don’t have the inspiration to write an article right away add first the images and write then.

The important part to be an efficient writer is to plan out your texts ahead. But it’s not always necessary to write the text first and then add images. You can have the vision of the text in your mind and then write it with the flow.


When you keep on doing the things every single day you are all the time taking little steps closer to the breakthrough and success.

There are so many things you can do to push your online business further. Keep the work persistent and effective.

“How to Expand My Online Business?” – 7 Tasks to Do:

1.Write content
2.Make Videos or Podcasts
3.Search Keywords
4.Make Social Media Marketing
5.Study and Explore New Things
6.Ask Questions
7.Search Images

Use the Pareto 80/20 principle to define, what is the most important thing to do today, and the following days to get the best profit.

Do you want to learn more? Go to Wealthy Affiliate and start learning for free and take your online business to the next level.

If you already have the online business, what are the routines that you tend to do daily?